Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Guri Cosmos Park

Photo credit to KTO

There is a Cosmos Festival by end of September every year at Guri Park.  I was in Seoul early September, so I decided to take a peek as I believe some of the flowers are already blooming. I was into Cosmos field because of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. The end scene of Bogum and  Yoojung ( idk the exact location tho). Plus the Jealousy Incarnate drama. Pyo Na Ri was reporting the weather update from Cosmos Field before Hwashin come and pick her up with a helicopter. ( also cant verify the exact location)  but as long as there is Cosmos lol

The park is nearby Han river. People come to jog and cycle here.  This is my view. It is still not fully bloom yet hahaha but it is still pretty.

Fast forward I was at Everland on 20 September. This is how the flowers look like. I bet the Guri Park will look triple fabulous. 

Back at Guri Park - you can see Han river and bicycle lane 

Morning glory besides the river

I took bus number 1670 from Jamsil exit 7 ( look at the bus number at the board). Only 1 stop and  the stop is  Topyeong IC 토평IC . 
You will see the park. To go back just take the same bus at the opposite direction. You can take other buses too as long as it is display Jamsil station. (from the board display - it is written in hangul tho 잠 )  
The bus is not in blue or green color ( it is like an express bus)

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