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Drama Cut : The Package Kdrama - Saint Michel

Everyone will recognize the Eifel Tower

I just finished watching "The Package". This drama consists of Jung Yong Hwa from CNBLUE and Lee Yeon Hee as the tour guide. It is about a group of Korean Tourist on a "package" tour to France.

What I like about this drama :
The correct portrayal of what to expect when you join a group tour :

  • Maru was held by the Immigration and everyone has to wait for him. / therefore please always considerate and ask for help if you don't understand the question
  • There will be at least 1 complainer or 1 fussy customer in the group who always not satisfy on the food/room provided lol  
  • The guide reminds everyone to take care of their bags at Mont Marte. This is the sad truth you always need to be extra careful in Paris tourist spot and the subway.
Other than that, I also want to reminisce Paris  ( too bad I only went to Paris) .Well, in future I hope I can visit other places such as in the drama.

The similarity of Malay traveller and Korean Traveller
  • Must bring ramyeon or instant noodle. In this drama, the older couple brings ramyeon and kimchi. They also almost kicked out from the hotel due to the ripe kimchi smell. For Malay, it is because "tekak melayu" might cant accept any foreign food ( i think it is the same for Korean too as the husband complaining they keep on eating the same western food). In addition ,only a few halal food for Muslim so we need that sambal ikan bilis, instant fried rice, noodles in our luggage. hehe

The main location of this drama will be the Mont Saint Michel.
 The hero and heroine fall in love after stranded here.

Credit : Wikipedia

Yoon So So believes she will meet "the one" at the feet of the angel....the both met here under the feel of Michel. Michael is one of God's angel  written in Bible and Al-quran ( Mikail)
Yes, there is the Poulard restaurant where they eat lunch in the drama. It seems this restaurant is a combination of a hotel.

The drama was sponsored by Le Relais St Michael Hotel ( as they keep showing the logo lol)
What a nice view ( credit: trip advisor)
Click the photo or the link to check the price for a night and availability: Le Reis Saint Michel

You can also skip overnight and take train or bus from Paris to Saint Michel.
Mont Saint Michel Full Day Tour - Klook Travel

I think Lee Yeon Hee is believable as the tour guide including her French( it's sound French to me haha) but I do not like that she promised the group that they will shop at Champ Elysees but they never go there at the end of the tour. ( or maybe it got edited out lol). You must eat Laduree's Macaroon there!! ahh now I'm craving one.

The typical tourist pose in front of Louvre Museum. ( Musee Du Louvre). I also did the same last 2 years muahaha.

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