Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Drama : While You were sleeping Miniso and Year End Award

I am watching Korean Drama"While You Were Sleeping" .Tomorrow will be their last episode. I really hope everyone survives. Happy ending, please.

Every drama has a product placement to fund their production. Big respect to Subway because every character in most dramas will eat lunch at Subway. Thank you for supporting Korean drama haha.

Another placement that I caught on in While You Were Sleeping is Miniso.

In the previous posts,  I went to Miniso in Seoul for Goblin, however, this time I can only go to Miniso Malaysia.( no money le) . I assumed all  Miniso branches outside South Korea will have these items too.

episode 14

This is the giant Penguin who resembles Hong Joo lol

I found the mini one ( Christmas Version)

The massage stick

This is the exact one

I don't notice this sleeping eye patch but  Jaechan is looking so cute here lol

I saw in one of the scenes, they drink the Miniso water too. It was not available at the branch that I want.

Updated info :June 2018
I found out that actually Miniso is not from Japan and their HQ is in China.

Year End Award prediction :
I do hope Lee Jong Suk and Suzy gets the best couple award. However, SBS only chose 1 winner it might be a bit hard to win.

For Rookie Award:  Jung Hae In
Wootak will win . He is gonna be big like Bogum. I watched him in  Goblin but Wootak leaves the best impression!. I even follow his Instagram now LOL.

For KBS I have high hopes for my favourite pair. Plus KBS will choose more than 1 winners.
It is none other than the bromance couple from Good Manager / Chief Kim!

Chief Kim and Seo Yul - 2PM Junho and Nam Goong Min. Well, many predicted NGM will grab the Daesang this year. Earlier this year, they attended Happy Together and the host already asked NGM to choose which station ceremony that he will attend ( As SBS and KBS usually organize it on the same day). He will decide later he said. (well depends on the rating haha).
He was also in Fabrication / Falsify. I say he will attend both as most idol has done it before.

For rookie award: Of course, it will be our 2pm Junho ( no, I'm not biased at all haha)

I always want to attend year-end award in Seoul. Although it will be hard for a foreigner to get a ticket, at least you can still attend the red carpet event. For SBS they will organize SAF which comes with celebrity appearance, tv show booth and Kpop performance.Anyone who heads to Seoul this Chrismas, don't forget to include red carpet event in your itinerary lol. oh it is in Winter, buy a lot of heat- pack.

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