Thursday, 22 February 2018

Day6 in Daejeon

I  faced a lot of tough choices when I went to Day6 concert in Daejeon.

First, it was on the same day of Wooyoung concert. I never thought of going as the ticket was already sold out. But then JYPe announce additional ticket for Daejeon. When I checked interpark , the most ideal situation happen- there is an available seat for Wooyoung on 9th and there is an available seat for Day6 on 10th. However, if I cancel Wooyoung on 10th I still need to pay, 22000 won cancellation fee .In addition, Day6 concert is in Daejeon- which requires additional transport fee from Seoul to Daejeon and back to Seoul. Well, in the end, I decided it is not every day I can attend to 2 concerts in the same week.

I took KTX around 12 noon wow there is no seat seat left I have to stand 1 hour inside KTX.

Worried that there is no ticket left and I don't want to stand again, I bought in advance ticket for 9.20 pm. I have checked concert duration is 2 hours so the concert will end by 8pm. I have ample time to go to the station. There are quite a lot of people with standing ticket on the train. I guess Seoul- Busan route is the most popular.

Reached Daejeon which is also the hometown of Song Joongki oppa. Daejeon station is linked with Daejeon metro. From there to Woosung university, it takes only one station to  Daedong. The subway  line is way simpler than Seoul.
The concert venue

The management is so nice they give a queue number for the merchandise which means we can eat first before start queuing. Really appreciate it since it is cold. I went to the ttebokki store for lunch. There is a maximum limit of 3 of each merchandise per each person.

Interestingly while waiting I found out that Daejeon has an Islamic Centre. Should I have known earlier I could pay a visit.
The day6 Daejeon PC in the canister is so nice.

My first ticket book altho I went to 2/12 day6 2017 concert

Young K look so cute here but I have to let go of the PC 

The concert :

my view  :

Nice concert guide

Highlights :

1) Day6 is a cheater lol - they ask Myday to sing congratulations while they sing only a bit... lol just joking but I read myday singing is their proudest moment at each every day6 concert.
2) From my limited hangugo Sungjin saying Daejeon is like Jae hometown. Cant really understand the reasoning lol.
3) The out of sync between Jae and Wonpil, which Jae pretend  to go back in time and end " Man in a movie " again lol
4) Wonpil singing Gift is the best gift!
5) Dowoon is the most empathy person, well since he is always on the seat * perks of drummer* he knows audience need to seat too lol ( we were standing for fast songs)

I kind of hope that they will sing their Immortal song cover "Now" at the concert tho. Or maybe the Japan release haha. I guess I expected that because  I went to JYP nation concert and they always updated the song list according to the location and latest release 

When I look at my watch it is already 8.30 pm...otteke? How? I set myself up to 8:45pm and I should go out. The saint whisper" Are you rich to waste another 20k won, Pull your self together, you will end up miss out train to Seoul too"  while the devil "are you really going to miss the encore ? u already spent 60k won to + 88k ( ticket)  to come here, it is just another 20k" I chose to go out tho...

Only then I know Day6 went to each floor during encore lol and I have aisle seat... ( I don't have time to watch other concert fancam tho so I don't know it is ritual haha)... . Just to ease my mind I just think the opposite, Day6 may go to another fan seat, not me and me miss out the train might force me to buy a standing ticket again. Which consequently, forcing me to find a taxi ( after midnight) to my guesthouse in Seoul lol. My friend also tries to comfort me saying that I make a right choice as she has to take a late train to Seoul.

By the way, I also find a very nice Woosung  University student. I met a couple at the bus stop and they even accompany me to go to the KTX station. We ran together hahaha. I forgot to take down their sns ID tho.
To the Woosung University student who was on Malaysia 2 weeks exchange programme and helps a foreigner to KTX on February 10th: Thank you and  I will buy you a  flight ticket to Langkawi from Kuala Lumpur as a gratitude ( if you decide to come to Malaysia again) well only if he stumbles on this posting. lol

Day6 all the best on your Japan debut !
No fancam is allowed so here is the official MV of their KBS Immortal song appearance "Now":

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