Thursday, 7 June 2018

2018 Changwon Kpop World Festival / Quiz on Korea

If you have the talent for dancing and singing especially Kpop songs you should audition for this festival! You can be the Malaysia representative. The online audition is by 8th June. While the preliminary stage will be on 30th June at Taylor's Lakeside University. Every final participant will be on a special show broadcasted via KBS World and a chance to be on stage with other Kpop singers.
Last year the participant able to meet Twice, BTS during the final stage.

Full details on the contest please refer here :

Come to Taylor's  and witness the exciting stage on 30th June!

This post is targetting to Malaysian, but this contest is open to every foreigner around the world. Check out the audition at your country's Korea Embassy/ Community.

2017 Malaysia representative : Kingsman

If you cant dance or tone deaf like me, there is another contest for foreigner which is Quiz On Korea.
It is a quiz about Korean culture. I participated last year but not smart enough to go to the preliminary stage hahaha ( but I believe my ranking is top 15 ). Same as Kpop festival, the participant will go to Korea for the final round against other participants. This year preliminary stage will be held on the same day with Kpop World Festival at Taylor's Lakeside University. The first stage is already done in May. Its ok  if you miss it.You can now work your self for next year Quiz. Come and see the preliminary stage as preparation.

Let me give you a hint /soklan bocor ....95% will be out hehe.

1) Who introduced Hangul?
2) The highest mountain in Korea is?

There is around 5 question which requires you to read and write Hangul. ( It is not a requirement for the final round some of the participants is using the translator) However, you will get full marks if you know hangul. ( to tell the truth that's the reason I lost haha). Majority of questions are multiple choice.(you can play dadu/ tembak )

Last year Quiz On Korea :


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