Monday, 21 May 2018

B'chill Cafe Bangkok

Since we are already in Bangkok, we decided to visit B'Chill-BamBam family's cafe. It is not located at Bangkok city center therefore we chose to use Grab. Plus we read tips in advance that the cafe  is nearby to Suvarnabhumi airport too. Thus B'chill is our last place to go before flying back to KL.

The fare between Impact to B'chill is around 700+ baht and it takes 1-hour drive. When we reach there, there is already a long q at the counter. ( well full of ahgase going to the concert)


We only purchase beverage as the food is nonhalal. You can also take a selca with BamBam brother / sister who is in charge of the order. Beer was on schedule during our visit.

white choc mocha

The beverage price is quite cheap, my white mocha is only 75 baht. When I went to the airport all price is double.  Since it is full of visitors ( ahgase) lol so dont expect the drink will be ready immediately. We don't mind actually plus we came to give support to Bambam and his family.

From Cafe to airport it takes around 30 minutes but there is no available Grab car within that area. Thank god there is a lot of taxies so we took a taxi to Suvarnabhumi.


Got7 world tour starts in Seoul and their second stop is in Bangkok. I have not attended their first world tour due to some reason. Therefore I am excited to go to their Bangkok stop. MAS also become the enabler offering a cheaper return ticket to Bangkok. Everything is ready for me to go to Bangkok.

The online sales was a cutthroat but my sister manages to secure a ticket and I just need whatever seat as long as I'm in!

Got7 music videos playing at the concert venue.

They have EST booth at the venue can buy the cola and get the world tour fan.


The official goods are available but because they bring the goods to Bangkok, the price is more expensive than in Seoul ( but still sold out)

The new lightstick activation counter
The 2018 lightstick comes with a Bluetooth function. It can be controlled and centralized to create a colorful concert experience. Well since I spent so much already I am not willing to spend more for lightstick. Plus I think I will go to one stop only and I dont think they will activate the Bluetooth function for each stop. Therefore Im willing to buy for others and rent it for a night lol.
Lucky me there is a sporting ahgase who cant go to Bangkok stop and dont mind about me renting it . I am really thankful.

The Bangkok concert was held for 3 days.  On day Day 1 I just snapping photo and drinking EST cola non stop lol

D-day (2nd day)

Gettin ready
wearing my JB socks

the Japan bag + Mark badge
There is also an unofficial goods market opposite the concert venue.

Oh yea manage to go to Its skin  before the concert and buy this Jinyoung mask
My concert ticket and unofficial agabong keychain bought from the market
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Finally I am in,

The color that is available on the new agabong (by pairing to centralize light control)


1) The new Girls Girls Girls remix is very refreshing ! I love the choreo
2) Among the unit, BamBam X Jinyoung is memorable because of the repetitive Im the king haha
3) Jackson doing the flip for Girls Girls Girls instead of  Mark
4) Got7 sings a Thailand song
5) Got7 sings to Stop Stop they said agase who still a fan during that era is a true fan. Well im here since JJP dream high lmao
6) Komawo is really a great fan song when the whole stadium sing

The best thing going to Thailand is the fan project and the fan chant is the same level with Seoul igot7.
However if you don't understand Hangul, you dont get the whole VCR story as the subs is in Thai Language...therefore for English speaker go to Singapore or America continent stop lol. For Bahasa go to Jakarta stop.
The default color :

Thank you GOT7 for an entertaining show!!!. 
By the way, I have extra Jinyoung mask if anyone wants to mail worldwide ( they only sell it per box so I have to buy 1 box) please email me at to check on the price and mailing fee. It is only available in Thailand plus it will not be reproduced by It's skin as Got7 now is under the contract of The Face shop. In short it will be your exclusive memory lol. Or if u just want to treat your skin with a carrot mask haha.

Next post : Trip to B'chill

Surau dan makanan halal di Bangkok

Ini adalah surau dan makanan halal yang saya pergi sepanjang trip saya. Sebenarnya  ada banyak lagi kedai halal di city centre Bangkok ni. / There is a lot of halal store in Bangkok , I only list out the one that I went during my 3 days Bangkok trip

Surau Suvarnabhumi Airport /Muslim Prayer room :

Level 3

-Ada ruang lelaki dan perempuan / seperated by gender
-Ada telekung / Praying cloth provided
- Ada tempat wudhuk / Ablution provided

There is also 1 halal restaurant inside the terminal.

City Centre ( inside mall)

MBK Yana Restaurant
Level 5 ( tokyu side),444 MBK centre

Thai Iced tea is a must
Original tom yam

Impact Arena

Champion Kebab
Kedai kebab sahaja yang  halal di sini. Sebab tujuan utama trip ialah konsert  got7, 2 malam berturut makan kebab . Ada pilihan kebab sayur 70 Baht atau Ayam 90 baht. / if you are going for a concert , this is the only halal store. only 2 type of Kebab, vegetable Kebab (70 baht) or Chicken Kebab ( 90 baht)

Kami juga singgah 7eleven tapi nampaknya kami hanya jumpa satu sahaja jenama mi segera yang mempunyai logo halal iaitu Ruski / we went to 7eleven but only manage to find only 1 halal instant noodle brand- Ruski

Airport transfer between Klia and Klia2

credit: klia

Klia Terminal 1 is home to many full services airlines, eg Malaysia Airlines, Emirates, Korean Air, KLM.

Klia Terminal 2 or KLIA2 is catering to low-cost airlines eg, AirAsia, Jetstar, Scoot

You can transfer between this using the FREE shuttle provided by the Malaysian Airport. The main route is LTCP ( Long Term Carpark ) - KLIA- KLIA2-Long Term Car Park

If you landed at KLIA and want to transfer to KLIA2 it is easy as the next stop is KLIA2
However, if you are from KLIA2 and want to transfer to KLIA it will be a bit tricky as u  need to change to a new bus at LTCP Long term car park before the next stop at KLIA . The staff will direct you to the new bus. As LTCP is the start of the bus route.

The bus is every 10 minutes running for 24 hours.
inside view of the bus
Waiting area :
KLIA : Door 4 level 1
KLIA2 : Bay A10, Level 1 transportation hub

More info :

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Concert and movie trip to Bangkok

My last trip to Bangkok was on 2016 . This time I was able to purchase a return ticket for  rm360 only (to be honest my friend persuaded me to buy the flight ticket due to to Mas promotion).Our aim was Got7 Bangkok stop. My last flight with MAS is on 2014. I am excited to fly with MAS again.  I parked at One utama and took a bus to Klia2. From Klia2 I took the free shuttle bus to Klia.

I managed to buy the Hokkaido Melon bun at Family mart KLIA2 before checked in.

Flight experience:

Kuala Lumpur- Bangkok

Roasted chicken rice was one of the main course but the taste is so -so . AA Uncle Chin Chicken Rice still win in my heart.
However, there is no inflight entertainment option at all. Only white screen. Been flying with AA most of the time, I have no problem with this although I expect to listen to some songs.

Bangkok - Kuala Lumpur

They serve chicken curry ..this one is delicious ! The dessert pineapple tart was on point too.

and yes I can eat while listening to my favorite songs...Kpop selection is only Exid tho.
So I m listening to Malay song playlist

Ibis Bangkok Impact :
The best accommodation nearby the concert venue. The price is also affordable: rm300 for two nights stay. ( rm150 per person).Another hotel in the venue to consider is Novotel.( a bit expensive than Ibis)
Since Ibis was opened in 2017 everything looks new.

You can use the free shuttle provided to go to the concert hall- Ibis- Novotel

mmm but the free shuttle concept is open air hold on tight to your bags.

By the way , Got7 is the EST Cola  I buy a lot of their colas as we can get Got7's fan, play games etc. Just as I opened one of the bottle, the drink burst ! it is all over the floor and some on the bedsheeet corner.  It was a grape berry flavor cola and purple in color which make it  so obvious ....but thank god , nothing was charged and Ibis replace the bedsheet. ( some hotel might charge the cleaning service) i did leave a sorry note on the bed  before the staff did the housekeeping

The concert experience will be on the next blog post.
the real gas culprit is not in the picture lol

Click the image below  to book :


Suvarnabhumi :
Don Muang is closer to Impact Muang thani than Suvarnabhumi.  I have to take the airport line (45 baht) and BTS (37 baht) ( and shuttle van (35 baht) at Mochit. It is cheaper but if you have enough budget and short time you can just use Grab ( 1 hour ) (220 B-300B)

Well my trip also falls on the same weekend of Nichkhun movie release. "Brother of the year" starring Khun, Yaya and Sunny (  I watch a lot of Sunny's movie too).  
My sister booked the movie ticket in advance at Siam Paragon. We shared Grab car to Siam Paragon. There is 50baht off promo if key in SIAMP50 (existing user) / SIAMP100 ( new user) 100 Baht off

You need to stand up for the Thai  Royalty official song before the movie start.

all the way from Malaysia...

Not to give any spoiler, it is family oriented movie and this movie is expected to be available around south east asia market too. Malaysia premiere is set on July... I hope they will bring the cast too.

Thailand's King found on the Baht note
Till the next concert , Khobkhunka Thailand!