Sunday, 3 February 2013

Golden Disk Award in Malaysia (GDA)

Who thought the prestige awards will be held here in Malaysia? We have lotsa of idol (some who never come to Malaysia. I also has the opportunity to use my Samsung NX1000 and the free lense (50-200mm) during the red carpet.

The location was at F1 circuit so some travelling needed but easier for the idols since it is near to KLIA airport. No 2pm but im excited for CNBLUE ( 1st time in Malaysia)
The mc for GDA day 1 is Yonghwa and Nicole ! Tesh , nej and I just stay at Mc corner for Yonghwa.
Jang Woo Young is nominee but he didnt attend ( most of the winner will attend this award). Dont worry noona vote for u for Malaysia fav
Plus i got to meet Kyu again n again (read breathe the same air)

KLIA become havoc with idol flooding for 3 days !
So here are some photo on Day 1 from Nx1000 kit lense,50-200mm and Samsung Note(depends on battery)...(coz they said no dlsr so i dont use the external lens first but everyone brought theirs so i just use it  )

boice for a day
shawol give free placard too - first time shinee in malaysia
Malaysia most fav - Kara n CNBLUE

biggest winner
sungmin SJ (i met your mum at Kona Beans)

kang tae joon lol - minho

By the way Sungmin is so funny , when he come out, others is still in van n they just laugh at him. He threaten to kick the van since they just let him alone outside
N during Shinee award presentation, Tesh and i scream out loud Kang Tae Joon.  since we are at mc side. a lot of waving , show off placard is at Yonghwa... kk
Cnblue is promoting Im Sorry so they left before the ceremony ends ( with Kyuhyun ) n some have Kyuhyun video running to the immagration ( it is almost boarding time). We went to Klia too but miss them by 1 minute i think , however we did see BAP , T-ara and K.Will as they just arrive from Incheon that time

Fav performance that nite Payphone from Yonghwa

*credit to the owner
 Winner of GDA day 1
Disk Daesang
- Super Junior “Sexy Free & Single”

Disk Bonsang
- 4minute
- B1A4
- B2ST
- SHINee
- Super Junior
Rookie Award
- Juniel
 Best Dance Performance Award
- Trouble Maker
Best Group Performance Award
 Next Generation Star Award
- BtoB
 MSN Southeast Asia Award
- Super Junior “Sexy Free & Single”
Malaysia’s Most Favorite Star Award
 jTBC Best Artist Award
- B2ST
 Popularity Award
- SHINee
Golden Disk Producer Award
- Han Sung Ho (FNC Entertainment)

Klia cam lol


Day 2 GDA

Well apparently i was caught off guard bringing this NX1000 . Since i put in in the front zip... i cant pretend not to open right.. they insist that even normal lens is not allowed. Guess what when i enter to red carpet zone... everyone bring dlsr.. and some is not even galaxy zone holder...maybe i should have Samsung Galaxy Camera. Samsung u should provide rent for this camera as i can bring this in !! Can i ,can i, samsung,please instead of me purchase this camera u should provide rent service.
I have no mood to wait for red carpet n somehow i hope i was media that day.
Nx1000 with normal lense = to compact camera... sigh they said whatever with lens-cannot..

Day 2 main attraction for me is Miss A !!! This is their second time here. 
All photo from Galaxy note via screen. Mc for day 2 is Dasom n Hongki

Ailee 's sexy back.The only red carpet photo -  too crowded

dasom n hongki
miss A
Lee Hi
Huh Gak

Go jae Hee / F(x)
Big Winner goes to Psy ! he cant make it , but everyone is dancing to Gangnam Style on stage

Digital Daesang
- Psy “Gangnam Style”
Digital Bonsang
- 2NE1
- f(x)
- G-Dragon
- Huh Gak
- K.Will
- miss A
- Psy
- T-ara
Rookie Award
- B.A.P
- Ailee
- Lee Hi
CeCi Popularity Award
- G-Dragon
Samsung Galaxy Star Award
InStyle Fashionista Award
- Lee Hong Ki
MSN International Award
Best Hip Hop Star Award
- Epik High
Best Single Album Award

My fav performance besides Miss A, is Epik High coz Tablo always intereact with audience and their song n performance is amazing. 

Credit to the owner..

Anyway GDA in malaysia is memorable and so many idol come to Malaysia.

By the way One TV Asia (astro ch 393) will air GDA for this upcoming Chinese New Year.
Showtime :16 and 17 February 12:45pm and 8:45pm
So let us recall back all the cool performance !

Happy Chinese New Year , Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Seollal celebration to all idol
May i become richer this year wakaka.

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