Sunday, 24 March 2013

Guide to Hottest : JYPE n CS GYM n 2PM The Street

Yeah this is my favourite place of all !!

We must take a photo in front of JYPE building.. JYP sign age is so precious !!
If u r lucky  might catch a glance of your favourite Jype artiste but please do respect their privacy .

If u are young , healthy, good in sport don't mind walking yes u can walk like 15-20 minutes from the subway Cheongdam exit 9 station, but if it is winter , summer just take a bus please.

Don't worry the bus will announce the bus stop name in English . Just use your  t- money(touch n go sort of) to ride the bus. Plus they have discount if you are transferring from subway to bus , vice versa within time limit.  I remembered that , my t-money value remain the same after i immediately board to bus from subway.

There is a new korail station ~ Apgujeong Rodeo so please go to this station.
It is new, even the toilet is beautiful n

Fastest , easiest way n convenienve for me during winter .
1. Apgujeong rodeo - yellow line by Korail
2. choose exit 6
3. Wait for bus at Hanyang Apartment Bus Stop ( in front of Uniqlo)
4. 3 bus route is via Jype -  bus no. 362, 4318, 143 - Jype bus stop is call Prima Hotel (2 bus stop from Hanyang Apt - Hanyang Apt - Cheongdam Elementary - Prima Hotel

one of the bus


if u are planning to go to new Jype go to instruction no. 7 (you can  walk to jype training centre via exit  9 cheongdam station - turn right to the first flat corner *others is going uphill)
if u are planning to go to CS gym go to instruction no. 8
5. Make sure u see Tom Tom , Starbucks accross the street. 
Cross using zebra line (safety first) and walk through this Tom Tom Coffee . 2pm cafe ~The street is same block with Baskin Robbins ( i have blog The Street in other post)
tom tom coffee the brown buidling in da middle

Walk this lane

 6. Tada u will see dunkin donut n Jype !

inside dunkin donut

if u wanna go back to apgujeong rodeo - just take the same bus, 362,etc (tom tom coffee ,Starbucks side) at the bus stop -

7. by the way Jype has new buidling but it is said it is for trainee . it has cafe too . Nook cafe.
Stop at prima hotel , dont cross the street  there is shop selling fruits (at your left side)...walk between this street  keep on walking straight  n u will see this blue JYP.  The old n new jype is only separated by the main road

fruit stall
the unique building next to it could be your landmark too
If u are hottest , u will know Chansung has open a gym.

8. Cs Gym - From prima hotel bus stop ( same side with tom tom coffee and starbucks and citibank) 
a)Take bus no 4212 . Please note this is the only bus so it is quite full in the morning
b)Horim Art Center stop - u can see in the picture the bus color is green no 4212 n please cross the zebra line to cs gym

c) From the bus stop Hyorin Art Center  CS Gym is just across the street


Call and become CS GYM member 542-2110 (promo for oppa ) lol 
Inside CS GYM click here ---> CS GYM

Take the same bus 4212 ( CS Gym side) to go back at Prima Hotel bus stop

Update info : June 2013 - u can walk to CS GYM from Apgujueong Rodeo exit 4 (go straight until u u see LG Building ) cross the the intersection and u will see HS Building . ( thanks to oppar poster u wont miss it) . We realize this while searching for Butter Finger and Pancakes at that area. Seriously the address and the road name may be different but actually it is just located near apgujeong rodeo station. (around 10 minutes from exit4)

By walking 
Congrats u r one of the endangered species .
1. Apgujeong rodeo - yellow line by Korail 
2. choose exit3
 Keep on walking  you will see Galleria ,SM on the right side , this shop on your side -mcm baybeh

OR Cheongdam exit 9. ( i think both station distance is more less same if u walk)




stop at this big intersection

Turn right , u will see Citibank..please cross n walk till u see Tom Tom coffee to Jype or
turn left keep on walking straight around 2 blocks to CS GYM (around 20 minutes)


 Other info:
1. You can also walk from cheongdam line exit 9 ...walk till u see citibank  (citibank is always my reference point lol)
2. if u loss just find a bus stop, this blue, green color bus will go back ANY subway station,Make sure you reload your t-money
3. the shop name may change so better u store the address and use google map  or u can else ask passerby.
they are friendly :)
4. Cube cafe is located at  the right side of JYPe - / dunkin donut

other 2pm stuff :
1. The 3 musketeers  (jun. k )
2. Taec n Woo Dream High ---> Kirin Art School
3. I want to help oppa by increasing  sales of  their endorsement product lol -->  look optical
4. Petite France - RM -TaecKhun


  1. Thank you for sharing this... DAEBAK!!! \o/

    1. your welcome..also thanks to Jed n dunkin donut Ahjumma who ask around n gives us the 3 bus number :)

  2. its a good plan to go there w/out exhausted...walking?no no anymore...

  3. thank you for sharing the information! :)) I really hope to go to Seoul someday and this would really be very helpful! :))

    1. Your welcome. i hope u will be able to go Seoul someday :)

  4. wat station did u got off? Dat mean u didn get off at cheongdam station?

    1. Yes i choose to get off at apgujeong rodeo -yellow/bundang line.after that we take bus to jype from subway.reason - no bus via cheongdam, it is still winter that time and we hate walking ㅋㅋ.

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  5. Sorry if this question is obvious... i'm all new to this. What is this t-money and how/where can you get it ?? Thank you!

    1. Hi ,Its ok. T-money is a prepaid card which u can use when you are in Korea. You can use it to pay subway, bus and taxi fare. You can purchase it at 7e . Dont worry once u in incheon, there is 7e there.
      The fare is cheaper by 100won if u use T-Money instead of normal one way ticket for subway.
      For reload , u can reload it at kiosk at subway station and 7e.
      Anyway here is the KTO website regarding T-money.
      Happy travelling to Seoul^^

  6. hello~ do you update your instagram with your travel pictures? may i ask for your instagram?

    1. Hi yes i have instagram ;) the id : goodgirlgotravel . It has excessive of jypn