Friday, 29 March 2013

Cafe Series 1. Mango Six ~ A Gentleman Dignity , L7CS, The Heirs

I really want to visit this cafe once i watched AGD. The f44 always hangout here because Jung Rok owns this cafe. I also remember Yoon order something with mango mix which makes me want to come here and check the drink menu by myself.

The memorable scene ofcourse the first encounter of Do Jin ( Jang Dong Gun ) and Yi Soo (Kim Ha Neul and  kiss the window scene. Huhu
It also matter to me that Collin was here (CNBLUE  's Jonghyun) .


do jin and yi soo spot

remember f44 sitting here?

If u remember, blue lemonade is the frequent drink in AGD:)
but i kinda dont like the coz i like fruit juice more

 I ordered mango banana!! keke while Jed order  Mango Strawberry. OMG the mango banana is sooooo delicious !!!

 They also has their own magazine and look who is on da cover ?? Woo Bin (who also act in AGD)

The highlight promo is involves  strawberry beverages  and current drama their sponsoring is Level Seven Civil Servant ( L7CS) which Chansung from 2PM co star (alongside Joo Won and Choi Kang hee

 mango six monkey is feature in  drama


After i come back from Seoul, Chansung has scene at Mango Six.argh stressue!!(like only 2 days after i went back). It is  Ep 18 .   see ??the blue lemonade is still popular.. and i believe Do Ha is drinking mango banana!!


Direction :
From Seoul facebook : Hakdong Station Subway line 7 exit 10 .Go straight and turn left at the first big intersection.Around 10 minutes . Across Nanuri hospital.
Other blog that helps me is :
My experience : once u near the cafe u will realise it is located downhill.
The exact Agd location is here Nonhyeon-dong 97, Seoul, South Korea. There is another branch nearby  towards Sinsa station -Gangnam branch .I think is the location where Chansung shoot his scene. We across the intersection in front of Mango six and walks toward Sinsa station and find this branch

Thirsty traveller report card:
Drink : Mango banana 5,900 won ~ rating - 4/5 def my favorite
            Mango strawberry 5900 won - rating okla 3/5
            Blue Lemonade  5,500 okla 3/5
I wish to try : strawberry latte (but im full already) 

my instict said chanana shoots here

some photo guide

1.Hakdong exit 10. walk straight. until large intersection

turn left

turn left after u cross the intersection( u will see Gold Time).keep on walking till u see nanuri (it is in hangul btw) . U have arrive to your destination
saw bus stop in da middle maybe u can take bus and stop here

nanuri hospital (across is mango six)

Going back : We find a bus stop along the way and we just ride the bus to any of subway station. yes  we can go back to hakdong station or explore sinsa but we kinda addicted to just take a bus rather than walking..hehe

Updated info June 2013: alternative subway to go to this mango six (by walking).
1. Apgujeong rodeo - bundang line -  exit 5
2. Walk straight till u see LG building , turn right .
3. You will walk pass by CGV - across to the other side (HS building ) -poster with seminekid guy lol ( CS Gym )
4.Just walk to end of road , mango six will be at your left side (at intersection)

In my opinion both subway has the same distance .

To reminisce some agd  here is fanmade  Jonghyun - My love ( sorry chanana but this is the exact branch for Agd) Hi Collin !! Do note Mango Six in the video and the blue lemonade !

By the way  NTV7 (Malaysia ) will showing "A gentleman Dignity" ( AGD) every Monday and Tuesday  8:30 pm  starting 1st April.

 I hope someone gonna open a Mango Six Cafe franchise here in Malaysia. :) We have a lots of Mango !!

Im watching the heirs / inheritor now... Park Shin Hye / Cha Eun Sang works part time at Mango Six.... in ep 7 she treats Banana Mango to Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) and Woo Bin... ah i want one!!


  1. Assalamualaikum. Yeah akan ke cafe ni this June. Hihi looking at ur pics make me wanna fast forward the time. Thanks for sharing. Salam kenal.

    1. Salam kenal :) June - summer time !! lagi best minum iced drink :)

  2. Hi, I have a question... I'm heading to Korea soon and I was wondering if the cafe you went to is at Hakdong.. or Nohhyeon-dong. I think I got a little confuse cause I saw that you got off at the Hakdong station, but the location is Nohhyeon-dong. Or are they at the same place? O.o

    haha, sorry i'm super confused :p Thank you.

  3. Hi the cafe address stated Nohyeondong but the so call nearest subway is Hankdong station.Recently i also found out that we can get off at Apgujeong Rodeo station to this Mango Six.if u look at the subway map this Mango Six is between hakdong and apgujeong rodeo station. Enjoy your trip :)

  4. hi...i have a question, i'm heading to korea soon and i want to go to this cafe. can i ask what's CGV? I think i will go this mangosix with update alternative subway at bundang line hehehe...

    1. Hi there, cgv is actually a cinema :).It is quite big and noticeable. Enjoy Korea :)

  5. Watching Heirs as well at the moment and i'm really curious about the Coconut Mango Juice that they often share (u called it Banana Juice i think)did u taste the Coconut as well?

    1. they have banana and coconut as well in the drama :) no i dont taste the mango coconut yet... hopefull i will next time.. i want to visit the exact heirs location at daechi dong - (nearest subway is Seolleung)

  6. Hi, i think this cafe is really famous! Im also looking forward to visit this when I go to Seoul. hehehe..

    1. Yes after 3 high rating dramas it does makes mango six the best cafe..the drinks is unforgetable too ^^

  7. Sis all of the drink there halal kan ? I'm just curious

    1. From my judgment , minuman kat kafe tu base dia mango + another fruits so halal insya Allah.

  8. Hi there
    I came across your blog. Very informative! Niceuuu
    Just wanna share my experience, we went to mango six last month. Almost got lost because the gold time building is under renovation. So we went straight and missed the intersection.. btw, they have removed the balcony outside the cafe. ):

    1. oh really, thank god u manage to found it still... but for Agd lover , it wont be the same without the balcony .......thank you.for you info.

  9. hi...just want to ask...
    on the mango banana that u order...what is in top side...the white it milk with the banana flavour?

    1. Hi ,it is banana blend,,,they use real banana

  10. Can you guys help me? what's the address of the store? the exact store that gentlemen's dignity shoot? reply asap.

    1. (서울 강남구 논현동 97 1층) Eonju-ro150gil, 1st floor, 97 Nonhyeon-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul but as they previous comment, they took of the balcony so it wont be the same....

    2. *as they stated in previous

  11. This branch is no longer around T_T
    Changed into MCM... so sad when we reach here...

    1. Poor you....thank you for the information. Everyone please note there is no more mango six for this branch.Perhaps if you still in korea and you watch the heir/inheritor act by lee min ho, the mango six location for the drama which is park shin hye character work is at Mango Six Posco. It is nearby ibis gangnam.