Monday, 25 March 2013

Dream High location - Kirin Art School

Last year i plan to go to this Dream High location located at Incheon , but we don't have enough time. Lucky i went to Seoul again .I search and read littlemisshoo blog regarding this location before this. She even made a book "travel to korea in kpop/kdrama style " Thank you

Some preview story,we went to Incheon airport to welcome 2pm . They were suppose to comeback from Jakarta but we dont see any glance of them since they immediately transfer flight to Japan.sob sobs. As we already at Incheon, we decide to heal our wound (chewah ) by going to this Dream High location.

The real name of the building is Incheon Art Platform. You can do parody of your favourite scene here. Both Dream High 1 and Dream High 2 is featuring this building. You can  be Ko Hyemi , Jingguk,  Samdong, Jason-Is it my turn already ? or JB , Yoojin for a day or just normal Kirin student. lol.

maybe this is where Jason practice his dance ?

parody 1

parody2 ~sort of
parody 3 muahaha

Via subway : Incheon Station Line 1
 Guide :  1.Cross the street  after exit and u will see this.(Chinatown)
2. to the right the right
keep on walking

3. tada - Incheon Art Platform

map :

of course it will feature some abstract art ...

let see some Jason (wooyoung cut) ...

i miss this all the songs feature in this kdrama..


  1. Replies
    1. cam kenal jed aa?? hehe

  2. Love Korean Drama much more :-)

  3. is Kirin Art School a real school?

    1. no, only in Dream high drama. The shooting location is actually an art centre.