Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Three Musketeers - Jun. K n Yenny

Yeay manage to watch live musical in Seoul. Yep yep it is in Hangul but if u already watch 3 Musketeers before this u wouldn't have any problem to understand the story line.

Bought online ticket for  14 mac 2013 4pm ( coz i afraid i will lost) although there is another show at 8pm.
Coincidentally it is also  white day huhu..but no candy whatsoever.

We arrive at 2pm and exchange our tickets around 3pm, Manage to eat some luxury meal (around 16000 w - risotto in one of the restaurant at the art hall (the menu is in English so it easier for us)

We met Taiwan Hottest, Singapore Hottest and most in the hall is J- hottest.. most of them wears Junkay No love Hoodie. It is no surprise since they provide subtitles in Japanese .

I hope they could provide 1 day with english subs - think so many south east asian will flock in...heh we will flock in even without subs... keke

The moment Junkay appear wah  i cant describe the feeling !! he is so good .. Yenny too! Felt so proud.  By the way no camera is allow during musical but u can take it during the curtain fall. oh there is a special seat where u can have skinship with Junkay.. it is in the middle, i cant remember the seat but everyone said it is the same seat in every show.It is some test before Artagnan can join the musketeer There are also  kiss scene and Junkay and yenny look cosy with each other..hmmmm (haha they cover it by their hat)

Anyway the musical is worth it #biasmuch ! You will also familiar with the song as it is the similar melody from Bryan Adam , Rod Stewart and Sting - All For love.. the musical version of course is in Hangul.
pretty yenny

Jun. K and that Agd guy ..yooni oppa

You can buy special merchandise but they dont accept credit card ~cash only . Among the merchandise are  poster, mug , key charm,and tumbler with signature. Bought 2 key charm for myself and my sis who is Jun. K stan .  i also write some placard but not sure Junkay see it as i was busy taking but i did shout Jun. K name before he - D'Artagnan said the final line to his father.I think he heard me  other people lol ..he is all smile :)

official merch

 If u r lucky, celebrity who is the actor friend might come n watch the musical too.. eg on 17 march Taec n Junho watched the musical sobs sobs hee.

here is my first n shaky, short video :

Anyone  all for one, one for all !!

The Artagnan role also play by 2am changmin , Super Junior Kyuhyun .

here is photo guide that can be use for i am hottest and elf keke..
in order to arrive to Chungmu Art Hall .

1. Subway station -Shindang station exit no 9

once exit go straight ( dont cross road) and by few minutes u will see this building

other info :
ticket website :
schedule :


  1. Oh gosh! I'm so jealous of you rite now~~huhu... By the time I'm there for my trip, the musical is not showing anymore! I wanna see Jun.K!! Glad u enjoy it! =P

    1. haha dont be.. i think he will be cast in more musical in future !

  2. omg jelesnya u.u