Monday, 1 April 2013

Cafe series 2 - De Chocolate Coffee ,That winter the wind really blows

I just watched ep. 15 of twtwb  It is mellow drama, i cried in each episode . Oh  twtwb full name is That Winter , The Wind Blows starring Seong Hye Gyo , Jo In Sung. I always love Song Hye Gyo and watched all of her drama. They are both beautiful and good actors

Anyway in that movie the cafe which belong to Young 's friend is De Chocolate Coffee. So we went to Ewha Uni for shopping and found this cafe. It is cold, time to have sip of hot chocolate!!.Btw  i have dilemma as across the street is Zoo Zafe (from my fav drama Nice Guy) but in the end i choose the current drama lol- afraid i might not able to find any De chocolate coffee.


the alarm told u tp pickup  your drink

It is cosy,and  unfortunately i totally enjoy the hot drink that i dont even take other photo such as chocolates at the counter.:(

Thirsty traveler rating :
Ordered : Hot Chocolate
Price      : 4300 won (small)
Taste  :   Yummy !!
My level of  standard :
  1  /     2         /3   stars
Ok / Yummy / Freaking Yummeh

The drama gonna end this week. Oh please let them
be together :(

Btw they have another store along the  way to cheongdam subway exit 9.. (found this store when we walk back from Jype ) it has speciality word into in the signage. But after we knew how to ride a bus to jype we dont pass this store anymore ..... please check this out for me..what makes this store different with others ???

update :  4/4.2014  ep 16 twtwb (final ) confirm this store ! !!  sobs sobs hae

cheongdam branch

other info n branch :
mv : credit to the owner

Hangang Park

I realise episode 11 of twtwb shoot at Hangang Park.  The scene involves Moo Chul n Jin Sung when Jin sung knew Moo Chul add her sis debt to Oh Soo acct. Jin Sung beaten up by Moo Chul in the end.
Not too bad right... Kim Bum was here?? He is one of F4 !! kekeke
The thing is we find this park by coincidence..we plan to go 63 building but it is so far away. This park is closer.

I like the design because it reminds me of Putrajaya:)

it will be more beautiful in spring
recreational activity/ in drama moo chul beat up jin sung here
so many oh soo lol

we stop at yeuido line purple and just follow this direction to Hangang park.

63 building 20- 30 minutes away


  1. Owhh cafe ni kat Ewha U ke? Wah bestnye.. I like TWTWB too!

    1. aah banyak branch dia cuma saya nampak kat ewha n cheongdam :)