Tuesday, 2 April 2013

FNC Entertainment new building

I listen to all music but for band i will say CNBLUE is one of my favorite, maybe not enough to remember their birth date but enough to purchase their albums
Once i knew FNC is in same area with JYPE i really want to take a look at the building because

1. No one has put any direction to go to FNC.
2. Who knows i might see my fav Jonghyun ??? lol

the address  i obtained fr google is  111 Cheongdam-dong , Gangnam - gu  i cant even find this using google maps.So i just ask my fav Dunkin Donut staff -do they ever see this buiding ( i screen capped the image ) the staff try and call their number for direction (aren't she nice) but another younger staff heard bout it and draw the map from me. Fnc building is just 2 blocks away and is near to her house. yeay !!

I just walk and try my luck .. coz the direction is go straight 2 blocks and turn right till u see FNC.
I almost think this might not be the correct way( i might detour a lil but ) until i saw Jonghyun in between the building !! omg it is CNBLUE large banner .He saves me ! haha.

Met 2 Japanese Boice here so we help to take each other photo. The disadvantage is no cafe around to wait for oppar lol. it is just around 10-15 minutes from Jype

Tq Jonghyun

Latest banner ( Juniel comeback ) June 2013

Update September 2014 :
AOA banner

My direction is  gonna be from from Jype :
1. JYPE .u can buy dunkin donut here too lol

 direction to jype  from subway -->  half air half sound boss office
turn left at dunkin donut once u see jype in front of u
2. Straight till u see this conveniene store ( 2 blocks) and turn right

3.Go straight  till u see fnc and any poster / depends on whose comeback on the buildling
You will find this store along the way ...just to make sure u are at the right alley.

Im sorry ( see see im sorry lulz )  maybe the are  other easier way to go here  but this is the only way  i know.

Other info :
1.Make way to hot trainee ( haha someone go out from the buidling and meet a friend and they speaks in english )  i guess they are trainee from US.
2.FNC is also home to FT Island , Aoa, Juniel ~illa illa

oh just realize so Jun. K can meet Hyejeong in few minutes ..loljk it is just a tv show right...

Back to the old days:

U may want to go here too - Agd location (Jonghyun) :
Mango Six click here   or Ms Lee Cafe ( Yonghwa -wgm) here ms lee

After GDA, they are coming back to Malaysia for the Blue Moon World Tour at Stadium Negara on Aug 24. See ya Jonghyun , Yonghwa , Jungshin and Minhyuk !!


  1. hi, are you allowed to enter the FNC Ent Building? Is there a lobby or information counter there? Thank you

    1. hi, i dont think they allow fan to enter but i also went there for short time only.

  2. I love your photos and description....I want to visit Seoul and when I do, this is on my list of places to find. I would look silly waiting around outside...maybe by my trip they will have added some coffee shop or something near, so we could stalk(I mean wait) outside. Lol. I love your enthusiasm and hope to run into CNBLUE fan as sweet as you on my trip. Fighting!!!!!

    1. hi nice to meet u !! yes of course hopefully , someone gonna open a cafe nearby :). We certainly not stalking!!! lol fighting to u too !!

  3. what to say i praise of this blog, which contains a lot of amazing information as well as the thoughtful writes.

  4. hye..are u Malaysian ? i juz randomly goggle about FNC and JYPE address, then I catches ur blog was interesting and I like it :)) hope, u can help me a little bit info about direction to go there ( i mean Seoul, Korea ).

    1. ye saya org Malaysia..huhu thanks.Kalu ada yg saya boleh jawab saya jawable pasal seoul :) selamat bercuti

  5. wah daebak...mesti best dapat pegi fnc building kan?sy plan nak ke sana next year..bolehla tanya direction nak ke sana kan? ;)

    1. boleh je ikuthe gambar atas tu..jumpa jype /dunkin donut..jalan lurus 2 blok ke kanan. selamat berFNC

  6. Hi there~! So may I know the exact location... coz u went one round but I somehow didn't get it HAHA thanks !:)

    1. hmm i thought the photo will help . it is just 2 blocks from JYPE. Anyway here is the exact address : 111, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

      Postal Code : 135-955 for your reference.