Tuesday, 2 April 2013

2PM Look Optical , Lotte Star Avenue

I want to go to Lotte Star Avenue,Lotte World located at Jamsil.

Once we go out from subway - oh there is 2PM  !! at Look Optical ! They have sales  !
So i find 1 specs around 12000 W . It is comfortable and light !!  bekas spek di hidung ?? tiada lagi ..lol

U don't need to speak in Korean, the staff can use simple English and body language. Of course i want to add lens so u undergo a simple eye test  ( u just need to  put your entire face in the machine ) as simple as that ..badabing he shows u the calculator u agree on the price - complete!
Btw the finish product 45000w only ..(ok what ? ).. beli frame saje pun boleh.. tapi saya rabun kenala pakai ader power.
my kinda specs

U just need to wait 20 minutes to get it done.

I request for some 2PM stuff and i got Look Optical notepad.Yesza.

souvenir to myself after 3 years using the same specs and most importantly "made in korea" lol

Lotte Star Avenue

The Star Avenue is close ..not sure what is the reason i just ask young girl at that area .. " You hakseng ??"  She replied : yes .. Can u read this for me ...Hakseng : -----  Me : Is it close ??
Hakseng : Yes . Thank you haksaeng,altho i hope u can eloborate more :p

But u can still take photo from display , 2PM are Lotte spokesperson too
Jed with 2PM ~ sukale tu hehe

opps sorry i cut your palm oppa
i guess u can left some word to oppa??

 Other celeb are Rain , Hyun Bin , Kim Hyun Joong , Jang Geun Seuk

 2PM sunbaenim - Rain

at Gwanghamun subway
Getting here : subway - Jamsil station

It's Skin - it's skin is everywhere.
The most branches will be Myeongdong - think they have 3 stores
The Gwanghamun subway station store is tax free .   
I bought mask (at Gwanghamun) and macaroon lip balm at Myeongdong 

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