Sunday, 7 April 2013

Petite France (2PM-RM location) and Gapyeong Shuttle Bus

Bonjour !
We are excited to be here at Petite France since Nichkhun and Taec (scream!!)  was here ! with Jae Suk , Haha , Kjk, Jihyo , Kwang Soo, Sok Jin (read in normal tone) and Joongki (bit high pitch tone)  keke.


jail in rm :)
 handsome Khun !
think this the house where NK nego with KJK

one of coat was hide under the sheet in RM

the tower which Jihyo found the prince coat

u can view the Cheongpyeong lake here

Petite France is also kdrama location for: Beethoven Virus (JGS) , Secret Garden ( Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won) The character meet each other here.

Ike choe-sun ip-nee-ka?" (Is this the best you can do??)lol
Nice painting
Puppet show but is in Hangul not French hehe -Red Riding Hood
One of musical instrument in one of the building just becoz it reminds me of Rm TaecKhun
They have cafe n such . You also can stay here~ not sure what is the rate tho.

Ticket entrance : 8000 won (we got free Petite Fance pen)
Website :  (hangul) if u want to see the photo or reserve a room

Getting here :
1. Subway ~ Cheongpyeong Station
2. Take a cab to Petite France
         or depends on your preference and budget :
1. Subway - Cheongpyeong Station ( bus is just outside the station)
2. Take Shuttle bus - 5000won ,it will go to tourist attractions in Gapyeong u just need to show your ticket ( valid for 1 day). Advantage you can relax and take photo from inside the bus.
I think if u go to 2 places or more this shuttle bus is worth it. But if u only went to 1 place eg nami island only or Petite France only, better take a cab( think the fare from and to subway is still gonna be around 5000won  ) and u will save time.
The shuttle bus has its own schedule so it is better if u come early in the morning .Make sure you take the bus brochure as it has schedule time for your reference.
The subway journey from city  itself is 1hr.

Bus Route : Gapyeong Terminal -Jarasum- Gapyeong Station terminal -Nami Island Geumdae-ri -Bokjangri - Petite France - Homyeong ri - Cheongpyeong Terminal - Cheongpyeong Station - Imchogyo Ap- Ankharvarman - Morning Calm 

the bus

We choose to stop at Cheongpyeong subway station coz we want to go to Petite France first. The bus we ride went from Cheongpyeong to Morning Calm ( the last station , i thought we could just skip the place but the driver said it will resume operation at 1pm . it is 12:30 noon that time, so we still have to get off the bus.
Morning Calm is a garden . It require ticket entrance (so since we don't have any budget and it is not spring so we just want to stay outside till 1pm ). Ahjussi ~ conductor bus is very nice to us and offer to take our photo..he is so nice that i feel bit guilty as he ask u not going in?? " No". Told him  Petite France and Nami only. but after that  i bought some herb ( for body aches and show to him) lol memang lenguh pun.(konon tak masuk pun beli barang tau)

morning calm

After that bus went straight to Petite France coz only us in the bus and ahjussi also get off the bus and show Petite France to us. Thank u so much.
The next trip schedule from Petite France is either 13:50 or 15:50 so we spend 2 hours there before we went to Nami Island. -->  Nami in Summer n Winter erk end of Winter
The last bust from Nami island is 18:15 , our ferry departs on 18:00  it tooks around 15 minutes so we miss the last bus(they are we have to take taxi to Gapyeong Station (around 2700 won)
haha yep yep  the one we could save more.

Photo from the bus :

this is lake or ice rink ?? quarter of the lake is  ice


  1. hai, blog yg menarik. bestnya dapat pergi ke Petite France... Bulan Feb baru2 ni, saya dah pergi ke Nami tapi tak tau pula Petite France terletak berdekatan. awal bulan 5 saya akan pergi lagi ke sana. jadi saya nak tanya, mcm mana nak pergi ke Petite France daripada Nami Island? di mana kaunter untuk beli tiket bas ke petite France?. TQ. :)

    1. boleh naik shuttle bas ni. coz kalu naik subway mesti berhenti kat gapyeong stationkan untuk ke nami ?so bole naik bas ni kat situ.kalau naik teksi pun boleh dr nami coz shuttle bas ni ader jadual dia so maybe lama nak tunggu sebab kalu ikut distance takde jauh sgt.
      beli tiket kat atas bas.

  2. Hi, nice blog. Going to Seoul end of this year. Kinda interesting to go to Nami Island and then Petite France. May I ask how to book the shuttle bus? What is it called? Or is there a number for the bus? Thanks.

    1. hi the bas name is Gapyeong Attractions Circle Bus . you can check here for further info (under travel info)

    2. oh by the way no need to book the bus ticket, we can purchase at the station / on the bus itself. The bus park just outside the subway station and in my case i take the bus at Cheongpyeong subway station. (alternatively u can also ride the bus at Gapyeong station)