Sunday, 7 April 2013

4 seasons house / Yoon's color / Love Rain location

Update from last year entry : I went here the place is on renovation.
 Love Rain / Sarang Bi  is takes 2 floor of this house. All drama props and poster are here.

the 70"s prop
in Hana's room - yoona baby photo
hana 's bedroom

Summer scent (outside of the building)

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Basement: Winter  Sonata, Autumn in my Heart ,Spring Waltz,Love rain

Autumn in my heart ~song hye gyo ,won bin, miss moon

Spring Waltz

the apron

Winter Sonata

the wig
at least this one is cleaner than Nami's huhu

Love Rain

Ticket :
5000 won, inclusive 3000won drinks voucher

Getting here :
1. Sangsu station exit 2
2. you will see Paris baguette go straight towards the white building ( no need to cross)
3. Walk along the road  till u see this store and mural wall turn right

mural wall



  1. woahh!! you went there by yourself..?

    1. yes i went here by myself coz it is near subway :)

  2. Masa gi sini ada kne buat reservation x? KK tak pegi sini during my last visit sbb nak reserve website dia ckp korean. Anto email pun tak balas. Frust kita wak..

    1. hi Kak Kiah..saya walkin sajer.. takder reserve pun. bole terus beli tiket je.mmg dlm kto website dia cakap kena reserve tapi can just walk-in :)

  3. Hey, did you reserve before visiting it? There is something wrong with their reservation page.

    1. hi i just walkin and buy the ticket there.