Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Cafe series -7 Zoo Cafe & Soong Joong Ki !

We found this cafe after  visiting Mango Six . It is just located towards Sinsa subway after the main junction of Mango Six.

This cafe will be familiar to kdrama fan - Nice Guy / Innocent man as Choco work part time here. Kang Maru also purchase coffee at Zoo Coffee  during his date with Seo Eun Gi

Anyway the cafe itself has their on charm ... all the animals are cute !!  

Tiger welcoming u at the counter

eww snake
kwangsoo on your side

mocha 5000 won

Other info :www.zoo-coffee.com

Anyway since i become Joongki fan after Kang Maru ...errr the feel is different when he just Joongki in Running Man. Now he is a true CF prince.
Location :Myeongdong, Coex and Lotte Mall and counting .


Lotteria - we can eat shrimp and squid burger here

Saw this at Coex

Haha must be so happy to pair up with Suzy (Nintendo)

oh we also find this kyobo bookstore building at gwanghamun..which if im not mistaken the location of RM with Kim Hyun Joong
i just mix it all- from zoo to nice guy to sjk to rm..hehe


  1. Hi my name is Lily . I will like to visit this Zoo Coffee whereby Innocent man was screened. U mentioned is near Sinsa subway, so do I get out fm Sinsa station...btw is it near any landmark for my easy search

    1. Hi Lily, im sorry im not sure the exact branch for Innocent Man location.However if u just want to visit any Zoo Coffee , there are plenty of its franchise in Seoul. You can refere to their website http://www.zoo-coffee.com/