Monday, 8 April 2013

Cafe series : Starbucks ! lol

We went to this Starbucks coz we cant find Jype , so we need wifi !! haha
My memory can only recall citibank but cant recall the rest of the route.

I order the latest drink ( which is same as in Malaysia ) Asian Dolce Latte promo

dolce latte -price : 5400 won

They have blanket coz  it is still cold in march !!

The things is while scanning wifi --- look who is in the list... JYPE!!! lol!! so it must be near !!

Immediately i ask the staff : excuse me ,JYP oediya ???
Staff  : Jyp , Jyp ??  there, pointed at the alley behind Starbucks .

After finish our drink, went out..go to alley ,ok i can see Dunkin Donut and JYP now!

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