Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Cafe Series : Ms Lee Cafe ,Insadong

There are many variety shoot at this cafe.. actually i already went here last year but i was looking for  another restaurant. Till i went back i read that this restaurant is famous for We got Married Yonghwa and Seohyun. hmmm i dont watch any of wgm but many people around me said this couple is da best. Till that said ~ everybody  coffee shop !! kekeke

credit to the owner

We want to go to Anguk and Insadong area so we just drop by Ms Lee cafe  by for breakfast. We came here at 9am and the cafe already open.
easy to spot this cafe



 sweet pumpkin latte

I don't think i will find pumpkin latte in Malaysia. It is delicious and doesn't taste weird.
Oh u will get free snacks too. price : 7000w

unique chair
u can hang your bag here

After that we just walk through the art street of Insadong

coconut drink in tempurung!
other info :
subway : anguk station exit 6
starbuck signage  in hangul is located here

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