Sunday, 21 April 2013

KBS TV Station

We dont plan to come here however after went to Han Gang park, we realize we can just walk to KBS!!
Subway station : Yeuido
Sukira is also record here but we went here on Sunday evening so no celeb sight seeing for us ..
Other than that they have free entrance to  KBS ON - KBS Grand Tour at the first KBS Building .

Journey from Hangang park ..imagine if this is cherry blossom aaa beautiful
kbs building

2D1N always start their mission here (PD NA)
the see through radio studio - think the blue one is sukira
some of "fan art" outside the studio

inside main building
Start of free tour - Virtual studio - u can be in the same tv with the idols !
Drama road

my fav 2d1n batch - my fav ofcoz seunggi !!
u can be announcer for a day - lol
The news segment consist of camera, imprompter * in hangul.. so i only manage to read "Annyonghamsnika ....." n then i stop coz there is little kid inside the studio( cant show my gagapness)...n beside the one i want  to said the most  is shimbansong - Music bank!! hahaha

Other will be the 3d screening, dubbing studio n hall of fame

radio show
We ride bus back to any subway (infront of kbs)

I miss Seunggi , but i can only watch him with Suzy in MBC now - Gu Family Book.
Seunggi Fighting !


  1. Hi, Do you need to make reservation for the KBS tour?
    Also do you know what are the days 1N2D members film in front of KBS?

    1. Hi u dont need reservation for KBS tour....sorry im not sure bout the shooting days. ..maybe u can compare with the show ( i think for friends special they did put the date of recording)

    2. Ok thanks.
      For the KBS tour, is there a tour guide or we just go in and look see ourself?

    3. Hi there is no tour guide we can just enter and take our own sweet time there.

  2. hello we can just go inside the kbs or there is specific path that need to follow

    1. the one that i enter is a special section which public allow to access and it is free. the radio station is just infront of the building.

      Btw there are 2 station to KBS , 5 minutes via National Assembly station (exit No.4) on Line 9 (gold) and 10-minute walk from the Yeouido station (exit No.3) on Line 5 (purple).