Saturday, 20 April 2013

Cafe series 9 : Hello Kitty and Charlie Brown Cafe Incheon International Airport

This the last cafe ~before going back home.

 Please check in earlier, in order to spend time at this cafe before boarding.

Charlie Brown Cafe is located at Gate 22.

Hello Kitty Cafe

HK merchandise that u can buy here
Rasberry n mocha latte yummeh!
The temp is all rise up in the building , we need to quench our thirst with cold drink !! Well usually only hot drink has the latte deco but afraid not,been assure by the staff "yes cold drink will still have the Kitty face :)"
Well it is my birthday that day ( what is birthday without cake? ) i choose brownie !  ( tak amik kek coz komplikatedkan ader shortening la gelatinla  ragu2 plak) for me i choose brownie (yg simple je).Wallahhualam

oh i just blind my Kitty after first slurrrp  lol
the shirt is just a coincidence keukeu
photo spot

Used cups return back to counter ok?
Location : Gate 24 ( Charlie Brown cafe is just nearby)
Other Hello Kitty cafe is located at Hongdae.

Other things for foreigner :
Free cultural experience ( but we only have time for cafe)

special Royal march at the airport
Bye Bye Seoul !
Oh btw AAX is now fly to Busan from Kuala Lumpur .... so i guess i may go to Busan  when there is 0 fare sale


  1. dear, charlie cafe tu dekat gate 22 or gate 12?? tingkat berapa ya?

    1. Gate 22 -ground floor. Sebab dua dua kafe ni (charlie n hk) dekat2. Hello kitty gate 24. Ni info waktu march tahun nila unless they have relocate.

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  2. Hi, would like to check with you, is it very difficult to find the Hello Kitty Cafe in the airport? Was it at the departure or arrival hall??

    1. it is at departure hall and i easy to find.I think u need to check in earlier so u can pass the immigration check and can spend more time at the cafe .It is nearby gate 24

  3. hi everyone, u can check the update of the cafe here , btw from the website, currently there are 2 charlie brown cafe , one is near gate 12 and another near gate 113, Anyhow last march the cafe was nearby gate 22 so maybe they have relocate.