Thursday, 18 April 2013

Gyeongbokgung Palace and Gwanghamun

unique door
I already went to palace in 2006 but because i watch 2D1N i want to come here again. In 2D1Nspecial guest  professor brought all the members to tour the palace. They has some quiz n task  at the palace. I'm Pd Na 2d1n fan  so around that team the cast is still with Seunggi , Eun Jiwon, Sugeun, Jung Min , Uhm Tae Wong  & Hodong.

Similar with Buckingham they also have change guard ceremony :)
Gyeongbokgung original building is only 10% ...90 % is renovate by the govt . The palace was burnt down during Japanese invasion. 
Oh u can also has free guided tour *english / mandarin

king n queen having tea here

Our tour guide inform us that during spring -April they will open the second floor to the public so we come here too early.
Things i learnt from 2d1n the window is shape is like a frame so when u look outside the view eg mountain, flowers will look like a live painting. Awesome right ??

the window w unique frame and the unique roof

Fish inside the pond. I believe the view in spring will be magnificent !
The king and the queen, king  mother has their own house.
If u watched Korean drama in Joseon era you will familiar with this

Ondol traditional heating floor

the roof deco show you the rank of the owner

King 's throne
the smiling tiger from 2d1n about king humour

around the palace full with chinese zodiac character which also can be your landmark whether it is south /north etc
our guide explaining bout the guardian

mountain around the place

the chimney is among 10% the original part of the palace
the blue rooftop is the Blue House
protection to avoid birds and maintain the roof deco
After Joseon , it is the end of Korean Royal Family .  There is no heir to continue the legacy. No Goong drama doesnt count that is just a fiction. lol

I like the color of their palace , it is so colorful.

here is some shaky video during change guard ceremony - im shivering coz of  it is below 10 celcius

besides the monumen, this location has appear in running man and drama.

King Sejong monument - he is the one who create hangul

fountain not working that day

This fountain appear in City Hunter - scene where Lee Min Ho character come to Seoul and he finds Nana here

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