Saturday, 20 April 2013

Restaurant Edition : Kang gary's Pal Ja Mak Chang & T.Bbok (marry me mary)

 I come here just because i want to snap this the restaurant is selling intestine base food so i dont even go inside the restaurant.  

We follow the direction from little miss shoo book but i guess the restaurant has shifted that we dont find the correct way. So as solution ---> ask around college guy !! it is uni area lol
The first guy i approach pretend not to hear me ( think because i ask in english)
Second - group of boys.. they are friendly and one even speak in english pointing to his friend --> this is his hometown lol.. n the guy ask whether i have smarteu fon.. "sorry no internet " so he google the address for us.n i inform them  Kang Gary - running man- famous!! lol
They show us the way and we manage to find this restaurant :)

Getting here: Konkuk University Exit 1 ( u may also want to go to Yesung Mouse & Rabbit here.
Turn righ at this shop
Left once u see this shop
Gary restaurant is same line with this bar

Another restaurant that we went using the guide in the book is T.Bbok. It is located at Hongdae.
and Haha's Pal Ja Mak Chang is also located here.. ( but we are too tired ) so  we only went to T.bbok

This restaurant is one of Marry me mary location .( Moon Geun Yeoung and Jang Geun Seuk)
Our ddobokki
unique beer tree 

The owner doesnt know english but he ask us if we cant speak Japanese ? lol . the menu is in Hangul so we just order ddobokki . He asked spicy ??"yes"  vege ddobokki.. ok ok  !

jed, restaurant owner and JGS signature
Other attraction in Hongdae:
Talented busker

and we found this too not sure which ep of rm but since the store put the banner ok


  1. Non hado pict ni.....

  2. Running Man...we weieettt :-) need to been there

  3. Oh my! Ohh nie tempat shoot cite Marry me Mary tu ek? Wooo! :D

  4. is Lesssang & Gary Pal Ja Mak Chang still operate cause im planning to go there january