Saturday, 8 June 2013

Cofioca bubble tea

I know bout Cofioca from travel to korea book. Manage to purchase it during her workshop at Korea Plaza KL.

From the book ,it is located at Apguejong Hanyang Apt. Since i have been back and forth to Apgujeong Rodeo Station ,  i knew  it is just nearby at this station.

By the way i thought i already blog about this bubble milk tea shop until i see Kara's Nicole upload buble milk tea in her IG....dayumm  i even ordered Nichkhun favorite bubble tea here.

By the way it is a very small store fits to only few people inside. It is next to Everysing and Sm Travel
The wallpaper are  singer / idol autographs

Spot your favorite idol signature !

The menu and the price

Once i entered , i only said Nichkhun favorite drink and ahjumma said aaa " coffee milk tea"

tada : (at the back is Khun's signature)

By the way this is my visit in March and it the weather is like 5 degree n i drink this cold drink hehe ...flavor wise - good ! people will flock this store in summer  !!

Note :  this store only accept cash payment

Thank you to Nicole who makes me realize i still havent complete my seoul trip travelogue.
Her fav drink i guess ?


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