Monday, 8 July 2013

2PM G+ STAR ZONE Apgujeong Rodeo Station

This special zone is  a partnership between Gangnam district and Hallyu stars to give back to disadvantaged children through the 'G+ Dream Project'. Fan can take picture and in the same time donate here.
It is located at Apgujeong Rodeo station ( Bundang line) .

 This zone with 2pm will only available till 31st July 2013.So hurry up !!

u will immediately see this. U dont need to exit the subway station

have fun taking photo with life size 2pm member !

Palm print

Enjoy the music
1 thing that impress me while i was there is the interactive station, u can take photo with any 2PM member and enter your email. However i have yet to receive any of the photos in my email...ottokhae ?

The main part and the objective of this special zone is --- DONATION !

Let us show the power of hottest !


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  1. Btw my friends went to Apgujeong rodeo just now and the 2PM standees are still there. i guess maybe because they are the summer sale spokesperson?? so they extend it? maybe...