Friday, 12 July 2013

MBC Dramia - Gu Family Book Location

Gu Family book is one of my favorite drama and after i knew Miss Shoo from went to MBC Damia and got to see the  shooting , i think hey i must come here to.

Other drama  which film here is The Moon That Embraces The Sun . (unfortunately i don't watch this drama - although it has high rating and 2PM even do parody bout this drama. But back then i don't have high speed internet and now is too late ?? lol 

u can try the costume here


jewel in the palace altho i don't know why there RM sign there
There is another drama shooting and the staff ask me to keep quiet while walking on the drama set.

ok finally the set that i recognise :

Scene :  Kangchi  and  Yeo Wool 's dateu by the window
the stair which appear a lot in the drama

the battle between papa gumiho and son
martial art school

count the bean please
 By the way they still filming when i was there coz i meet the supporting actor and i saw Lee Seung Gi food support van

But i cant stay there too long . When i go to cafeteria i meet this supporting actors :

One of character is Ma Bong Chool acted by Jo Jae Yoon. hmm another actor im  not sure what is his name.But he is the one who translate and said to me "one more time please "  english ok ! (coz i ask another Korean visitor to help take the picture) . Anyway it wont be fun with out this villain and friends to Kangchi.
Both of u fighting !! Keep on acting !

Other info : 
1.U need to take subway , express bus , taxi / mini bus to come here
baegam fare : 4500 won

2. Entrance ticket is 7000 won 
3. U need to inform the ticket counter to call taxi for u (in order back to station ) 
*add 1000 won for call service
Direction : U can refer to miss shoo site or this one  from KTO which  i screencap( as there is no guranteed of wifi along the way )
While heading back I'm quite confuse on the the express bus, bus stop coz there is only local bus . Thankfully there is chatty girl who curious on this south east asia person and grandma who show me the correct place to wait ( just a lil bit infront of the local bus stop). I also asked 1 male adult, he try to help  but he has to ride bus.
Interestingly  the young and old one who assist me. Saranghae !
Anyway back to the drama. Ok i can still accept the ending. haha i dont think there will be sequel.
As closure let us listen to Choi Jin Hyuk version of " Best wishes to U "