Monday, 15 July 2013

Apgujeong rodeo subway and kpop ,kdrama attraction around it

Im bored and i come with this  places that i have went around Apgujeong Rodeo Subway.
Haha i just use Ms word for this. I already blog all of this attraction before so this is just like summary map.

For cafe -
1. TWTWB - Du Sel Brilliant Cafe( Apgujeong Rodeo exit 5) and De Chocolate Coffee (Cheongdam exit 9)
2.  Mango Six (Agd exact location)  it is located at the end of junction if u go to CS GYM
3. Zoo Cafe
4.Butterfinger Pancakes
5. Kona beans

1. SM just exit Apgujeong Rodeo ( this is the old SM building )
2. JYPE (walk or take a bus - your choice)
3.Cube (just next to Jype)
4.FNC walk from Jype

I think there is a lot of attraction offer here ... how i wish i could explore all the places.

Disclaimer : I'm sharing this as just a guide coz I'm surprise that actually we can walk from cs gym to mango six haha (the address and street name is different so we never knew it near /walkable to each other).
This is not the exact distance and  I'm not responsible if u get lost. lol
It is possible to walk all around this attractions but u will sweat a lot  or your stomach is full with all the drinks from cafes  !! otherwise take taxi or bus...ngee see the 2 blocks distance ?
By the way download - Naver map ( it has the bus stop name , subway schedule) it will be use able in Seoul.
My sis- atone use it (the result -discovery of CS Gym from Mango Six Nonhyeon !)


  1. How far it is from exit 6 to Kona Beans? Or from Mango Six to Kona Beans?

    1. sorry if u get confuse with the illustration...but i just want to illustrate it is in same district.Owh it is far if u want to measure by is easier and faster to ride taxi or bus to kona far as i can remember Kona beans nearest bus stop (Hanyang apt )to Apgujeong rodeo station is either 1 or 2 bus stops.