Thursday, 18 July 2013

Olleh wifi in Seoul

It is easy to get wifi in seoul – every café for sure offer free Wi-Fi to u.  However there is other alternative ,if u need to get connected most of time go and purchase Olleh Wi-Fi prepaid.

You can purchase this at 7e, GS25 . It will covers area with olleh Wi-Fi logo most certainly in building and subways.The price is 3,300 won and valid for 24 hours. U just need to key in name,email and the numbers inside the coupon.

We found out in the Olleh website there is package for 4 days ( which u pay only 3 days coupon) but we have try asking few 7e and GS25 and show the screen cap  but staff still going to give us 4 days coupon instead this card package for 4days….. and they have this serious blur face. Hmmm its ok.

Oh beware , this olleh is somehow racist ? LOL . since u will use English setting it expect u to have English name. Your Asian name might not English enough for Olleh  – it will prompt u with “please insert English” !
So please create your own English name if that appear.Hehe. mine is Emily ( just a spontaneous name) and after that I can  surf , use kakao,twitter…etc 

For me, the most useful time is in subway (eg the one with 30 min +journey) if I don’t see twitter I might sleep and im the type who “lend me your shoulder to sleep on” cry…thank god that didn’t happen in Seoul ..oh almost, in the express bus going to MBC Damia. Hehe.

Plus by using this olleh, u will be blend to Seoul citizen in subway, young or old , Yorubun “all eyes on your Smarteu phone!”  
Urm that reminds me of “I hear your voice” episode which nobody read the free newspaper in subway anymore.  Cant wait for next episode. LJS saranghae !

p/s besides olleh  prepaid ,u can also  purchase sim card , rent a phone, rent wifi devices at Incheon airport.


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  2. There's one much cheaper than this at the heart of Seoul. You can try It's only $3 per day and delivery service is available.

  3. I used '' when I was traveling to Korea for seven days.
    They have really accomodating staffs there. LTE router was also very cheap.
    You can try that website!

    1. ok thanks will try that for next visit :)

  4. is it possible to have wifi rental at incheon airport? we'll be in seoul for 4 days only and i need to have access on internet coz its our first time.

    1. Yes as at comment above u can browse wifi korea or korea wifi page..choose which one is your budget.u can pick up or they send the wifi device to your hotel or guesthouse. For the prepaid one u can also purchase it at gs25 at the airport. (Gs25 similar to 7e)

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