Monday, 22 July 2013

Running Man Fan Meeting in Malaysia !!!

please note organizer update on 4th September 2013 :
" Dear fans, the Running Man fan meeting this 7th September 2013 will be postpone at a later date in December 2013. Currently, we're waiting for the Korean side management to reply us the exact date"

I am fan of Running Man .  
This variety show has never fail to makes me laugh! Running man is a good stress reliever!!
All of them has their own character and has perfect chemistry with each other.
I also visit some of Running Man location and Gary ‘s Restaurant when I was in Seoul.(refer to Running Man label at the end of page)

Malaysia fan base Runners  has  create a special fan event imitating the variety show  early of the 2013.

Our running man tag

we want to show RM team our beautiful KLCC

Well finally our pray has ben answered   and all rumours before this has become reality.
4 out of 7 running man team gonna be here in Malaysia on  7 September  2013 at KWC !!
/ Jom datang beramai-ramai 7 september 2013 di KWC dan bertemu dengan wakil Running Man :

1.Kim Jong Kook – The Tiger
2. Haha –Haroro the penguin
3. Ji Suk Jin – The Impala
4. Gary – The Monkey

I will not pass this chance to see them live so come on  !!

updated latest seat layout 13/8/2013 as below :

Some  additional info when you purchase the ticket :

Package : Premium
  • Hi5 & Autograph Session
  • Limited Edition RM Paper bag
  • Limited Edition RM Poster
Package : VIP 469
  • Lucky draw – 20 fans to attend Press Conference
  • Limited Edition RM Paper bag
  • Limited Edition RM Poster
Package : 369
  • Limited Edition RM Paper bag
  • Limited Edition RM Poster
Package : 269
  • Limited Edition RM Postcard
  • Limited Edition RM Poster
Package : 169
  • Limited Edition RM Poster while stock last

 Please refer to the organiser Big Pocket Group fb  page   OR
or twitter : @BigPocketGroup  for more update on the event.

Lets hear the  Monday Couple bgm. As u see, since the event is on Saturday. Ji Hyo is not here and Gary is single !! Lol .so u should come if u want to be his Saturday Couple !!

 MV credit to the owner 
 Update MV promo for RM fan meeting in Malaysia :

See you .. Race Start !



  1. Alahh..Le Kwang Soo, Song Ji Ho dan Jae Sook tak dapat datang ker

    1. huhu tp 4 org ni pun funny jugak..jadiklah :)