Tuesday, 9 July 2013

WTII Finale !! and Nichkhun birthday !

Watching 2PM performing in Seoul will be the most memorable of as a Hottest...i cant believe i have achieve that... Tickets is sold out within hour and my sis and i only manage to get ticket ( level 3) for first day from friends of friends...Thank u -saranghae !!
Concert venue is located at Jamsil ( Subway - Sports Complex)- Green line.
We come around noon to collect giveaway.Arigato gozaimas to some of Jhottest who give us Give Me Love cd.  Many hottest around the world gather here for our on and only love -2PM !!  The first thing we saw is the rice wreaths !! inculding our own rice wreath from MyHottest !!
Hottest donation from all around the world  has make a record of 28.088 tons !! Good job everyone !

Jype has organize special event any fan who  buy Grown A + B + merchandise will be able to particpate in lucky draw.  Main prize is - meet and greet !! , Grown Grand ed, posters and cheese sausage.

The merchandise that i bought is Grown Led Fan -

 I participated and i only get cheese, i tried second time it is still cheese.. amusing isnt it ?? hahaha 
seriously that is bad..so bad ...lol

my unlucy ticket lol
give it to my friend since it is cheese sausage

 We also met  Khun 's mother at the concert venue.
  Fan project for first day will be hold up 2pm bunniya banner together during "please call my name"
encore moment
All solo performance from Grown Grand is so memorable !i mean Woo with Piano !!!gagaga.. Junkay 's swag ...Junho - love the choreo ..Chansung sexy ballet dance.. Taec 's tango and Khun's Let it rain finally back to its origin in Seoul  to hottest and sang to Khottest.

Second day - Saturday 
fan project
I dont have ticket but i was there at 5 pm ( concert start at 6pm) The ticket box is still selling some of the ticket ..the staff already remind me the ticket may sold out once it reach my turn but thankfully there is still level 3 seat available !! hey who can ressist A.D.T.O.Y performance live for second time???

Actually the concert is not 2 days ..we extend it till 24th June! infront of JYPE !
Happy birthday Nichkhun !! ( unfortunately Khun is recording Barefoot friends that time )  so only us and other hottest was there when the midnight strike....  We have to fly back ,however we still happy Khun come to Jype the next day (with remaining hottest )  and even tweet bout it. Love u Khun.

Thank you Dunkin Donut for your hospitality :)

U can view all of Nichkhun gift from myhottest here http://myhottest2pm.com/index.php?showtopic=2903&st=0&#entry27493

oh some of the giveaway collected during concert, thank you . 2PM please come back to Malaysia !

reference : http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/06/2pms-fans-donate-a-record-amount-of-rice-for-their-finale-concert


  1. Khun in barefoot friend..must be watching heee

  2. Daebak!!! i'm crying when i saw all the pics...you are so lucky to get the ticket...btw, how to join myhottest?

    1. I think im lucky too..although it is far from stage but i was in the same stadium with 2pm!! U can search for myhottest page in facebook , twitter @myhottest2pm or their website http://myhottest2pm.com/