Thursday, 11 July 2013

That Summer , The Winds Blow -Cafe Series ...

Yes i managed to visit this special De Chocolate Coffee cafe which appeared in the last episode. The one where Youngie brings everyone and they become disable for a day.
I thought that will be the same branch where they shoot all inside cafe scene, but doesn't look like it.
Well just because we cant find the partition between table with De choc coffee , oh well it is still worth it.

Pat bing su
Since it is summer we ordered blueberry pat bing su.(9300won)
Nearest subway  : Cheongdam exit 9 (walk around 5 minutes)

Second cafe related to the drama is Du Sel Brillant 듀셀브리앙 Restaurant 
This one we only take the exterior coz we already full , we cant take any more food/ drinks anymore.

Location : Apgujeong Rodeo station exit 4, walk straight around 7 minutes

oh btw Jo in Sung came to Malaysia last May and here some of his photos...haha ofcoz i will attend this !Thanks onehd
free cotton candy

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