Sunday, 24 November 2013

Seoul War Memorial

This is interesting museum to visit.  Yes all of us hate war, but we can learn from history.  A lot of statue built in remembering the soldiers . They also have ships, aircraft here.Plus it is free !

They said the movie "Tageuki" is from real story which 2 brothers separate between south and north and both become  soldiers of each side. You must know Won Bin and Jang Dong Gun right?
May all of us live in peace. Amin

2 brothers statue

cant help to mesmerize by autumn leaves outside the memorial
Other info in gettin there  :

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Manila 101 ~Tune Makati

This is my first time at Manila and i bought AA ticket and fly back with MAS. (somehow Mas one way ticket to Kul is cheaper).

Not sure why but i cant prebook the meal and this is the only available option for me(seafood noodle) :

This is the arrival form look like and when you go back u have to fill  the same format form for departure.

Air Asia use Terminal 4. It is a small terminal . Both local and foreigner is on the same q at immigration.
I take airport taxi to the city. 

I stay at Tune Hotel Makati. quite ok . Around rm97 /night (add on wifi + towel)

i can see this building outside

oh the taxi driver was driving in traffic jam due to heavy rain. He ask me additional 100 php coz of this, but i just go out from the cab , so u might also experience the same thing. if u take taxi from shopping mall , they will give u a form with taxi plate number , u can report if u encounter any problem.

Got some experience taking Manila LRT

n saw jeepney !

This is a short trip so i dont experience Manila special cuisine. Anyway i also found this item which is not available in starbucks and mcD menu in Malaysia.

Gingerbread latte

Mcflurry Berry

oh i saw Khun too  Lol for Bench funmeet. darn im not lucky enough to get his sign.

Going back~You need to pay this at the airport. So make sure u put this aside from your shopping money. Mas is located  at Terminal 1.

They are showing gossip girls.. i miss Blair. 

 What i get to eat in Mas.wee

So thats it my short trip to Manila...salamat.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Magnum Mini Malaysia

When i read that they will be a special event at Publika for magnum, i thought finally we have our own cafe!! Oh actually it is part of the new Magnum Mini flavor promotion.
The good thing is , its all free but only 1 magnum per person per day .
You just need to snap yourself a picture with any special celebrity that they have on the screen.
The room is divided from kitchen, bed room , study room and you can select which celebrity that you want for your photo.

Here are the new flavors :

I choose Magnum's Brownie


Unfortunately this special setup already is only till 3 Nov 2013. I hope one day Malaysia has their own Magnum cafe.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

My memory of Everland

I am thankful i have visited Everland for 3 times. First time in Spring and later in Summer and Autumn.
Everytime my "must go place" will always be Flower Garden !
My other memory will be T-express . In 2008,  T-express launched,come naive tourist who said to herself "oh i must ride this, this is new attraction here !" 
yeay jump to the seat....rollercoaster roll... wth...tummy growling..eyes closing...  that's it  no more roller coaster for me ! 
it is so scary !!!.. anyway still as memory i bought the service photo in T-express even though i look so pale and almost die in that photo. (so drama)

Spring -

Naive tourist wanna wear headband too lol n the cherry blossom at the back

Summer 2012 - thank god for air asia sale..never knew i  will be back here.

green summer view
and we went to safari !

Lol suddenly remember the RM animal kingdom episode where KJK yell out samba to the lion when it is suppose to be Simba !

Finally in October 2013 - autumn and special theme Halloween . Now they have kpophologram and Cable car !

Colorful leaves in autumn

cable car
kpop hologram concert

Special amenities to muslim - surau / the blue label room. There are also seafood rice at oriental suitable for our requirement.
flower garden w halloween twist

i end with the same tree at the opening...(next to tree is the oriental restaurant)

All of my visit is via city tour /group package. So we always ride bus to everland.

More info on subway to everland :