Wednesday, 6 November 2013

My memory of Everland

I am thankful i have visited Everland for 3 times. First time in Spring and later in Summer and Autumn.
Everytime my "must go place" will always be Flower Garden !
My other memory will be T-express . In 2008,  T-express launched,come naive tourist who said to herself "oh i must ride this, this is new attraction here !" 
yeay jump to the seat....rollercoaster roll... wth...tummy growling..eyes closing...  that's it  no more roller coaster for me ! 
it is so scary !!!.. anyway still as memory i bought the service photo in T-express even though i look so pale and almost die in that photo. (so drama)

Spring -

Naive tourist wanna wear headband too lol n the cherry blossom at the back

Summer 2012 - thank god for air asia sale..never knew i  will be back here.

green summer view
and we went to safari !

Lol suddenly remember the RM animal kingdom episode where KJK yell out samba to the lion when it is suppose to be Simba !

Finally in October 2013 - autumn and special theme Halloween . Now they have kpophologram and Cable car !

Colorful leaves in autumn

cable car
kpop hologram concert

Special amenities to muslim - surau / the blue label room. There are also seafood rice at oriental suitable for our requirement.
flower garden w halloween twist

i end with the same tree at the opening...(next to tree is the oriental restaurant)

All of my visit is via city tour /group package. So we always ride bus to everland.

More info on subway to everland :

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