Sunday, 3 November 2013

A twosome Place by 51K / So Ji Sub Cafe / Master's Sun

I just watched the Master's Sun and OMG can this pair date for real !!!
A twosome place is feature in this drama, and So Ji Sub owned one in Apgujeong!!
The one feature in drama is located elsewhere but here u gonna see a lot of So Ji Sub!! hehe

A twosome place is inside CGV

Choose your beverage

I picked Vanilla Shakerreto as it is one the signature here

The cafe is full of movie and So ji Sub 's poster. ~Not complaining lol

hmm so the number represent no. of customer ?

A good place to hang out while waiting for your movie.
Actually im hoping So Ji Sub was here so that i can bug him and get a "Get Lost! " too lololol

Btw i don't watch ghost story but So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin chemistry just makes me stuck to watch it till the end.

MV credit to the owner

Direction : Subway Apgujeong Station exit 3 , look for CGV

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