Sunday, 13 October 2013

Magnum Cafe Singapore

Last time im at Singapore this pop up cafe just finish its operation at Clarke Quay. They announce that they will moving out to diff location. The new location is at Vivo City. Im finally here ! Lets eat Magnum like crazy!! !

You can choose any icecream from the menu or u can custom your own magnum for SGD 7
Untuk Muslim, sila baca menu dengan teliti kerana ada pilihan menu yang dihidangkan mengandungi alkohol eg. rum

Gold Finger SGD 11
The staff serve my gold finger with plain water.
For custom made  Magnum u can choose 3 toppings and add coating.

That is really chilli flakes !!
I think the adventerous would choose chilli flakes.. . and now i felt i should choose that one too...maybe they will come to Malaysia later.

Coating - milk choc / dark choc / white choc - choose 1

n your custom made Magnum is ready !

Rose petal + Dried cranberry + choc crunchies w dark choc as coating
Location : Vivo City , Singapore
Subway station : Harbourfront 

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