Sunday, 11 May 2014

[Buzz Korea] Win Ticket : Taste of Korea & Quiz on Korea

Taste of Korea

Another chance to get a free ticket to South Korea and showcase your hidden culinary skills.
The final will be broadcast at MBC should your selected to represent Malaysia.
Korean Embassy in Malaysia is organising "Taste of Korea" Competition.
For other country , please check with your country KTO or Embassy.
Yup a chance in a lifetime !

The main theme is Japchae / glass noodle. They will also provide the ingredients. 
I would like to enter it but I'm not a good cook. 
If there is anyone who needs help to review their dish, hey I'm here. Lol i can be your taster.
Anyway hurry up and register by 14 May 2014 . The competition will be held at UCSI
on 18 May .  Click HERE for more info on the competition.
We can also come as the audience.

Somehow this competition reminds me of Happy Together Late Night
I cant recall who but someone creatively replace noodle dish with japchae to create a simple late snack.Maybe a fusion food will be a winning entry ?

Japchae original dish

Quiz on Korea

2012 Quiz on Korea poster

Since I'm not a good cook , i can only enter this type of competition.  
Ive been watching all type of drama including Saeguk drama, variety shows for like last10 years + since Jewel in the Palace and Winter Sonata i must have learn something... lol
I attend the preliminary test today at Korea Embassy . Some are easy and some are difficult.
The next stage is on 17 May. Well if i continue to talk bout it , it means i have pass the first round. hehe
Winner will represent Malaysia and the final is broadcast at KBS, KBSWorld.

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