Sunday, 11 May 2014

Tteokbokki and Kim Bap Cooking class

I joined free cooking class provided by KTO last week.
Madam Shin demonstrate to us how to cook Tteokbokki and Kim Bap. This 2 are my favorite !

 Tteokbokki ingredients

Rice Cake ,Anchovies stock,Fish Cake,Red Pepper paste (Gojuchang)  ,Cabbage,Sugar syrup

We boil the rice cake with the anchovies stock and gojuchang until the rice cake is soft.
Sonsengnim said if the rice cake if already soft we can add the other ingredients ;fish cake and cabbage, stir until it cook.

Kim Bap ( rice roll)
Ingredients : sticky rice ,sausage, crab meat, cucumber, radish pickle, egg, carrot, seaweed, sesame oil

Sonsengnim said we can also use local rice add with glutinous rice besides the rice solely for Kim Bap. All items already stir fry before we start the class. (crab, egg and sausage). For cucumber we just cut the side of cucumber , avoid the middle part as it is watery.

You arrange cucumber, crab , egg and sausage at the bottom on seaweed. Make sure the carrot slice is in the middle to avoid  a messy Kim Bap.
Tips: we need to separate the rice evenly before we compress it on the seaweed and roll it.
Madam Shin also allow us to try rolling the Kim Bap. That was fun , i will try to cook this in the future.

If any of u interested to join one of this class ( different recipe each time) don't forget to always check KTO facebook page. The class is held at Korea Plaza, KL.
They also has just launch KKC - Kaki Korea club on their website,  come and join the club. There is a lot of activities eg this cooking class , benefit and chance of freebies plus it is FREE !!
Click HERE to join as Kaki Korea.

Banyak faedah jadi Kaki Korea ni.

I joined the first day and i win their lucky draw. Wohoo !! 
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Thank you KTO Malaysia.

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