Thursday, 1 May 2014


LCCT will be shut down and all airlines at LCCT will going to move to KLIA 2 . KLIA2 going to be open on 2nd May. However the main user - AirAsia going to move there on 9th May.
I went to their open day just to check it is sooo large more  time need to board.

Klia website :

my boarding pass
 it is a long q, yeah everyone excited.... u have to show your boarding pass,undergo security same as the normal routine when u board any flight.
The plane here is replace by the it is funny when they take us to runway 3 and ask us to imagine we are in but it is good effort ...

The advantages of KLiA2 / Kelebihan KLIA2 in comparison to lcct
  • they have travelator / ada travelator takde la penat2 jalan sangat 

  • aerobridge /takyah pakai payung kalau hujan dah terus dari terminal masuk kapal terbang...but they explain this as an option so not sure if every airline want to use it..but they explain the cost is 0.25 per person.

  • the concept is airport in the mall .they have so many shops/ makanye banyakle bole buat sementara kill time...window shopping
  • klia n klia2 is parallel to each other- u can transfer to klia2 via erl from klia  / takyah naik bas rm2 dah nak transfer2 dari klia
  • erl direct to klia2 /takyah naik bas transfer dr salak selatan. 
f n b


The skybridge separate between domestic and international terminal. airplane fit to go under the bridge/ sebab itula eksklator tu tinggi, bagi kapal terbang lalu bawah jambatan

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  1. FYI - Kadar bayaran parking
    1st - 3rd hour = RM4.00 /sejam
    4th-6th hour = RM3.00 /sejam
    Maksima 1 hari = RM46