Thursday, 1 May 2014

Singapore. Wooyoung Wedding Trip~ n lesson learnt

yeay back to Singapore  for Jang Woo Young wedding....hahaha
since im not doin anything lets just crash the wedding...its WY n Se Young  virtual marriage in WGM .
Since i travel a lot so i may become complacent on travelling...guess what?? i miss my kul- sin flight !!
hahahaha padan muka....i miss only few minutes but the flight require counter check in and they already close the counter when i arrive at LCCT....i bought the next flight tix which the fare is double the flight that i miss...

Lesson learnt -
  • the 3 hours before depature rules for oversea is inclusive singapore ( altho dekat sangatkan) n whateva need  counter check in
  • mesti tido awal- supaya esoknya tak lmbt, dan otak pun takde buat bad decision
  • dont assume lol - sebab park keta kat putrajaya pastu lupa plak erl tu mestila ada jadual sendiri kan bukannye setiap 5 minit ada, kan ke terlambat. 
Anyway i only bring 50sgd (balance from previous trip)  n my ezlink still has balance. manage to reach MBS half an hour before wedding, so glad they let the public watch the wedding ceremony.
WY m SY is looking so handsome and beautiful. WY 's English is to die for~ melt...he's always my Jason
Manage to give SY some gift..hehe i also has one for WY but he always surround by fan or the crew. WY keep saying its hot here...hahaha coz u r a hottie WY!!
WY also dance to SY ...u can see this in the Wgm soon.
The fact that they allow us to take photo is amazing enough!
the venue -garden by the bays

Some fancam from me lol

Altho it is a wedding ceremony but the guest has to carik their own went to mbs foodcourt with Tesh and i spent 7sgd for nasi campur.

Anyway  i also went to my favorite place in SG , coz there is no Magnum Pleasure store in KL n i want to taste  the chilli flakes icecream...
They change the venue to NX Mall ( till 30 April i think) oh btw Happy Birthday 0430yes!!
sambung cerita ~my choice of coating - chilli , dry flower
The staff also warn me, it will be a spicy one..but its ok coz the ice cream is sweet so u will has this unique flavor mix in your mouth...try it if u curious ..tehee.

back to the airport n spend the night there...i use data roaming coz it is cap for certain kilobyte for rm38/day but u need to manual select to 1 operator in sg. At airport, u can get the wifi password from the info counter.
Spend my time at 24hr mcd ...
fyi the prayer room is inside the terminal ( lepas immigration) alternatifnya bolehla solat di baby room. Ada sink dalam tu sekali.

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