Monday, 30 June 2014

17th Asian Games Incheon 2014 with JYJ

Another reason to visit South Korea. The 17th Asian Games Host is Incheon, South Korea.
The event will be held from 19th Sept - 4th October 2014. (16 days)
There are 36 sports in the Asian Games or should i say 36 Gold medals up for grab
My personal favourite sport will be Badminton !!!  It will be one of the best experience if you can be one of the audience. The thrill and suspense is the beauty of sport.
oh and the other interesting sport will be Sepaktakraw !!  which origin from South East Asia ( the name is from Bahasa)
The Mascots

Cute Harbour seals! . "The characters have been named Vichuon, Barame and Chumuro after the Games Main Stadium design motifs of light, wind and dance" as describe in the website.
I am interested to go and support Malaysia team there. The international airport is already at Incheon so i dont see any problem going to the Games and even sightseing in Seoul city.

Anyone interested to go the games can always check this website :  Asian Games 2014 and their blog
Twitter : @incheonAG2014en

They also has JYJ performing the official song : "Only One"!
Infact they also has dance cover contest and they winner will be bring home $5000 ! Wow! .Too bad i cant dance.

here is the MV with our handsome Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong (JYJ)

Free Seoul Story Telling Mission Tour

If you going to visit Seoul within July to  October 2014, you  can try and redeem free Story Telling Mission Tour. You dont read it wrong , it is FREE!! but open to 100 applicants only every week. Hmm but worth to apply right ?

There are 5 courses available :
  • Seoul Bakje
  • Dongdaemun
  • Hangeul Gaon -Gil
  • Hangang River
  • Seoul City Wall
You can apply HERE You just need to click the "Request for Tour Button " and fill up your info.

one of the course

Every course has their own attractions which we may include in our own itinerary even if we dont succeed in redeem it for free. Dongdaemun Design Plaza is a very unique building, the Hangul street is amazing, the beautiful Han river....see we must visit every place ! I hope i can be visit Seoul now !

Reference :


Seoul Summer Sale 2014

Summer sale is back !! It is from 1 July - 31 July 2014 , so shop till your drop !
Foreigner can get a special discount card for selected stores.

To make it more special  the honorary ambassador for Summer Sale 2014 is one of popular Kpop group ! Beast !!... So beauty / B2UTY are u coming ?

You can even select your favourite bias on the card and it comes with their autograph !!Cool !! So who is your favourite? Is it Gikwang, Doojoon, Yoseob,Dongwoon,Hyunseung or Junhyung ?



How to get the card ? Via :
  • on line printing  HERE 
  • mobile QR code
  • Welcome brochure at Incheon Airport Counter no.44 at arrival floor /Seoul Global Culture and Tourism Centre /Myeongdong Tourist Information centre

Starting 1st July we can also enter  giveaway contest " Take a Trip to Seoul with Beast "   from SeoulSale2014 the main prize is return flight ticket to Seoul !!  along with Etude Cosmetics and autographed CD from Beast members !!

Well as Beast would say from their new song - GOOD LUCK !

There are also a lot of ground events which we can participate and get a lot of freebies on top of the discounts from the card exciting ! They are having special giveaway at Incheon airport and Dongdaemun Design Plaza (refer to banner below)

 For more information and updates always check the official website.

Lets check Beast message about Seoul Summer Sale

Happy Shopping !

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Cafe Series : Got7 - A , Music Video Location: Holy Smoke Cafe

Usually i blog about cafe in Korea regarding Kpop or Kdrama location, but now im gonna blog about cafe in my country !! Im still shock they choose Malaysia to film this MV. lol.
Got7 is under JYPE, 2PM hoobae. I always like JJP Project, hey i bought their cd n the first time i went to JYPE i encountered JB !! ngee . ok too much fangirling....ok lets watch the MV first.

"Its not working, so stop fronting, i know u want me, lets start talking"

Most of the scene is done here at Holy Smoke Cafe.

Yup here :

inside the cafe :

one of the prop

Basically this cafe has the California feels which suits the MV concept. This cafe is located at at Section 13, Shah Alam. Their Sirap Bandung Muar is to die for...i also ordered Nachos when i was there...err that was not feature in MV lol. Yup i just give free promo  , so can i get some free meal next time , Holy Smoke ??   hahaha.

Back to the MV

Scene nearby this cafe ahah!

please dont copy Mark 's flip here lol, he is trained to do that

The back alley of the cafe is used in their album cover /photo jacket .

never knew back alley gonna look this good hehe
Bas mini "so cute"

back to fangirling - Got7 always smile ,waves at us...thank you. oh i also got Jinyoung to sign my Got7 cd.

In mean time please view and replay the MV coz there are surprise video waiting for igot7.  Buy Got Love album online/itunes, order the physical album online .Mine physical album is still on the way...
Say no to free download and appreciate this guys hard work.
JB, Mark,JR, Jackson , Youngjae ,Yugyeom and Bambam fighting!!!

Come and get it ...this is one of igot7noonar~

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Gold Coast Skypoint

highest buiding to view Gold Coast
Masa nak balik memang free day...makanya kami bercadang melawat ke bangunan tertinggi di Gold Coast, Skypoint.
Tiket $22 .
Observation deck terletak di level 77 dan menariknya dalam lif ada view pandangan atas lif...saja nak bagi thrill nampak kabel semuakan.
Dari bangunan ni boleh nampak view 360' bandar Gold Coast.
Ada juga pilihan kalau nak panjat menara Skypoint ni kalau berani.

surfers paradise dari atas

sungai dan laut

siapa berani sila panjat /r u brave enough to climb this

Ada cafe di atas boleh minum sambil menikmati pemandangan Gold Coast. Di sini ada free wifi selama sejam....oh kat Gold Coast susah yang nak dapat free wifi..pegi Starbucks , Zaraffa Coffee kena beli air baru boleh dpt password wifi selama sejam.

Kalu berminat untuk climb skypoint sila refer sini

Lepas tu kami pun baliklah ke KL dengan AAX. Total belanja tiket flight RM1200 ( bagasi 20 kg kongsi + ins + makanan return) + ground pkg +entrances dan hotel rm1400 + duit belanja RM500 (tak shopping sgt ,makan pun apajekan) haha=  rm3100 okla jimat kalu compare dari amik pakej semata2 tp bergantungla pada pilihan sendirikan.

Paradise Country Farm , Harbour Town Shopping n Halal food

Our movie world is a combo entrance with Paradise Country Farm. It  comes with buffet lunch too.

Dekat Paradise Country ni lah dapat berjumpa dengan segala koala, kangaroos , kambing biri-biri ,llama.

erk Koala tidur /sleeping Koala
 Boleh tangkap gambar sambil peluk Koala $22 dia akan print dan tolong amik juga pakai kamera kita.

upclose dalam kantung kangaroo / what is in your pocket ? lol
Boleh juga bagi makan kat Kangaroo 1 Aud untuk 1 bungkus pelet. Adala yang makan ada yang tido , kenyang dah  banyak orang bagi makan.

ba ba ba brown sheep...
Makan kat sini ada sijil halal kat situ tulis sampai June 18 je...sapa pegi lepas date ni sila check sebab halal harini makan ayam n buffet bersama salad, pasta

Tour tamat pukul 1pm.Kami bertolak ke Harbour Town.

Harbour Town ni sesuai untuk kaki shopping. Ini ibarat Johor Premium Outletlah kalau di Malaysia.

Prayer Room / Surau at Harbour Town
Boleh mintak kunci di Guest Service.  / You can ask key to prayer room from guest service.
Kenala pulangkan lepas tu , tempat wuduk disediakan,kiblay disediakan

Halal food option
Dekat panduan peta ada tunjuk restoren halal termasuklah Nando's.

sebab jarangkan jumpa tetiba restoren franchais halal kat luar negara, inilah makan malam tapau saya lol.

sila carik perkataan Halal di dinding tu hehe
Biasala jimat beli 1/4 ayam 6 Aud je.... Kalau mik set dalam 20 Aud. Haritu makan tengahhari dan malam adalah ayam!! hehe

Friday, 27 June 2014

Whale Watching Gold Coast

This is one of my bucket list !! I think whales, dolphin are so smart and so amaze by them!
First thing u need to be prepare in whale watching is seasickness.
I thought i can buy the seasick pil on the cruise but the staff said u need to take it 2 hour before....uh oh .
Yup i feel dizzy altho the crew keep saying look at the horizon  but my body can  feel the ship sway into deep sea. Anyway once i see the amazing creature, i totally forget everything. Thank god we met active whales and keep on playing with us. Manage to get some videos , it is one of my best travel experience.

Ok gonna share rest of story in BM !! Sebab laut dalam dan ombak bergelora so mungkin ada yang mabuk laut...pening. Bulan June memang bulan migrasi whale dan Goldcoast ni ibarat whale highway.

2 humpback whales
Mula- mula kami berjumpa dengan 2 ekor whale tapi mereka cuma berenang , agak pasif .  Kami juga jumpa 2 ekor dolphin. Kemudian kapten kapal dapat info 2 ekor paus yang aktif terus dia bergerak ke arah mereka. kedua-duanya asyik melompat dan menunjukkan sirip /fin mereka...alololo comel sangat. 

under the sea

i can see your tummy / nampak perut dia hehe

ekor sapa ni ?
macam peserta syncronize swimming dah
Dapat 2 videos yeay ! Subhanallah they are so amazing.

Yang ni mereka datang dekat dengan kapal /so close to our ferry

Kami naik kapal yang ini.Lepas je whale watching terus tido untuk hilangkan pening.(45 min ke jeti)

Selepas whale watching kami dibawa ke pulau untuk makan tengahhari, nasib yang ni dekat  dan berjumpa Wallaby !

Salah satu pengalaman yang tidak akan dilupakan.