Sunday, 29 June 2014

Cafe Series : Got7 - A , Music Video Location: Holy Smoke Cafe

Usually i blog about cafe in Korea regarding Kpop or Kdrama location, but now im gonna blog about cafe in my country !! Im still shock they choose Malaysia to film this MV. lol.
Got7 is under JYPE, 2PM hoobae. I always like JJP Project, hey i bought their cd n the first time i went to JYPE i encountered JB !! ngee . ok too much fangirling....ok lets watch the MV first.

"Its not working, so stop fronting, i know u want me, lets start talking"

Most of the scene is done here at Holy Smoke Cafe.

Yup here :

inside the cafe :

one of the prop

Basically this cafe has the California feels which suits the MV concept. This cafe is located at at Section 13, Shah Alam. Their Sirap Bandung Muar is to die for...i also ordered Nachos when i was there...err that was not feature in MV lol. Yup i just give free promo  , so can i get some free meal next time , Holy Smoke ??   hahaha.

Back to the MV

Scene nearby this cafe ahah!

please dont copy Mark 's flip here lol, he is trained to do that

The back alley of the cafe is used in their album cover /photo jacket .

never knew back alley gonna look this good hehe
Bas mini "so cute"

back to fangirling - Got7 always smile ,waves at us...thank you. oh i also got Jinyoung to sign my Got7 cd.

In mean time please view and replay the MV coz there are surprise video waiting for igot7.  Buy Got Love album online/itunes, order the physical album online .Mine physical album is still on the way...
Say no to free download and appreciate this guys hard work.
JB, Mark,JR, Jackson , Youngjae ,Yugyeom and Bambam fighting!!!

Come and get it ...this is one of igot7noonar~


  1. I've just see the full MV by now, then I realized something when the it comes to shopping scene, "Huh? Is that s*uns*lk", then some words like, "promosi hebat, Farmasi, makanan laut". Do my eyes see it wrongly? Or it was edited? Eii~how can it be. If its in Indonesia, i've never heard that kind of news, then I think Aa.. It might be In Malaysia, since the two country have similar language. How Lucky., hhehe

    1. aha so lucky for Malaysia ahgasae^^