Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Magnum Cafe Malaysia

Finally they are here!! I went to the Singapore one and it is pop up store concept. I am also one of the 500 people who q like 2 -3 hours for free ice cream ~special for the opening.
I came at 10 am and my number is already 412!!
The cafe is located at Midvalley and same level with GSC 

 The number and q

Choices for customize Magnum

One thing is they don't let us know the menu earlier which might cause the delay...coz people need to think what they want for the ice cream. Since i go and look at the menu first,once I'm at the counter i just inform all 3 item i want for the toppings.

chilli flakes

cookies and pretzel
After the wait : i choose chocolate brownie flavor for my magnum , topping- SALT, pretzel and almond. Coating white choc, drizzle - milk choc
I already tried chilli flakes at Singapore it does not match with the ice cream sweetness...but for salt i think it match well ,,,it is delicious, u get this salty and sweet mix in your mouth...i like it

The store and other menu ( dine in )

Short video of the staff preparing my icecream

Don Muang Bangkok

Dari Don Muang tiada BTS direct ke city centre.
Tapi ada bas di Terminal gate 6 arrival yang bayar cuma 30 Baht sahaja.
Bas tu nama dia A1 dan akan stop di Mochit *juga lokasi Pasar Chatuchack,

Dari Mochit ke Don Muang
Seberang jenjatas dan tunggu kat depan sikit dari bas stop bas bas yang lain.
Ada banner tulis A1

Terminal 21 Bangkok ( Around the World in 15 min)

Sempat juga pergi ke Terminal 21 kat Bangkok tapi dekat internet kata tutup pukul 11mlm.. Baru ingat nak dinner kat kedai halal kat situ... sekali bila sampai tutup pukul 10 da...banyak kedai nak tutup dah
Jam menunjukkan 9:45 malam...hmm kena explore dengan cepatnya..
Uniknya shopping mall ni berkonsepkan airport terminal...setiap tingkat menampilkan satu negara.
Yang penting pegi ke tandas setiap tingkat kerana ia akan follow tema negara di tingkat tersebut.

Inila gambar yang dapat dalam masa 15 min

toilet tokyo
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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Lee Jong Suk fanmeeting in Bangkok

Lee Jong Suk is one of my fav actor.  Yes i saw him in Secret Garden, inkigayo MC but at that time i just think he is cute. After i watched School 2013 , i keep on following his drama ,movies n i cant stop anymore.He is a good actor.
Therefore i would not want to miss this fan meeting in Bangkok.  ( currency wise) .

There is also another factor which i like bout him bcoz his idol is Rain.(that one is my ultimate oppar- the one who drag me into this kfrenzy)  When he was in school he saw Rain and he want to be like Rain. Few years later he got to act in same movie with Rain ! what an accomplishment !They both are close. He is suppose to appear with Rain  and Woobin ( bff ) in Running Man Australia but he got sick.That will be daebak right 3 hottest man Its ok maybe next time.Oh just realize i still dont watch No Breathing...urm coz too much skin it might distract me from his good acting hahaha.

The fan meeting was held at Centara Convention Center. It is easy to reach via BTS.  Everyone busy taking picture with LJS character stand outside the hall, before the event start.

There are also a booth selling his official merchendise such as lightstick, bracelet , tshirt and so on.

Post it tree for LJS

The event start with host and translator. Of course it is translates to Thai Language so im just testing out my Hangul there which like kindergarden level ??. LJS keep on answering the question with cheeky smile. He also did his signature of "buing-buing"  aww so cute.Other answer that i could pickup is his favorite food is SomTam in Thailand.

LJS also draw out the lucky fan on stage. All fan can take picture according to the dramas he was in (I hear your voice , Dr. Stranger). And all of  this involve hugging, back hug , hand on . He is also wear the Park Hoon specs and doctor coat while picking up the post it.One thing i notice he keep on asking his fan age...and i keep on preparing answer ( if i got selected) Im your noona but im Bo Young dongseng..keukeu.
We cant take photo so this is just some of my lucky shot ....

One  of my favorite segment is the 1 minute with LJS.  You can ask for anything  or  do anything lol within 1 minute. The first girl ask him to held her hand...okkay...but the second one is the best, she ask him hold her hand + a selca... a selca ! i want one too ! If i was selected ( not that lucky) i will ask him for a selca and he need to do the Wonder Girls "Tell Me" dance... lol coz that is Park Hoon favorite !!
LJS is a gentlemen he even held hand and walk one of the girls of stage coz she is struggling to walk with her long skirt.
Since it is just past his birthday , Thai fan prepare a cake to LJS . We also hold up this banner.

LJS end the fm with a song. He gushes that he cant sing well ( lol but he use to be idol trainee)  .he can pass as an idol but i glad he choose to be actor which make him shine more ! He also told us to watch his latest drama Pinnochio. Dont worry im already lovin it !

After that everyone is ready to hi-5 LJS . I thought he will be sitting and there will be a desk...but no he is standing and i cant pass him the gift coz all the staff is rushing us in the q. I manage to say im from Malaysia ( while wearing my LJS headband). ...but he could not hear it so he bend over and i said again come back to Malaysia. ( not sure he heard it) but thank you for that short attention. keke the memory of it just makes me giggle lol...thank god i was not selected on stage....

LJS singing

Pinnochio drama teaser ...Dont forget to tune in !

Sunday, 16 November 2014

All About You Bangkok ( Nichkhun 's Family Business)

This is one of  the All About You branches in Bangkok. The one that i went is  at Central World.

All of their products are Au Naturale

Currenty they running a  New Year promo

There are also Nichkhun photos at the store .He went there during 2pm Go crazy Tour in Bangkok.

of course i bought something ...i don't go to Bangkok every day.

Nearest BTS :
Central World is between Siam and Chitlom station. U can go to the mall via the sky bridge.

I also mention Nichan in my instagram . He like my pictures and leave a comment too. Sweet!! I love Horvejkul family.  Thank you for your reply

Modern Toilet Restaurant Taipei

Aha dah pegi cafe yang cute- cute sebelum ni, untuk finale pegila untuk restoren yang "euwww" .
Restoren unik " Modern Toilet" bertemakan tandas dan tahi . Adakah anda akan makan dengan berselera di sini ? Hmm kita tengok. Masa ke sini ditegur oleh rakan serumpun dari Indonesia yang tidak lokek  tunjukkan lokasi restoren ni.

duduk pun atas toilet yer


Sampai- sampai je staff terus greet dalam bahasa Inggeris. Tiada paksaan untuk belanja minima seperti cafe-cafe sebelum ni.  Kalau baca blog pelawat sebelum ni akan terdapat soft icecream dlm bentuk "poop".
Tapi ini hanyalah untuk set sahaja. Takdela order sebab takde makanan alternate yang sesuai.

Demi tujuan bergambar orderla ice shave. Staff dah warning ini makanan untuk 2 orang. Tapi cakap  "its ok i  just wanna take picture" lol .Air pun amik dalam option urinal ( so boleh take away ) kalau tak habis minum.

abc dalam tandas

 Stesen metro terdekat :