Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Magnum Cafe Malaysia

Finally they are here!! I went to the Singapore one and it is pop up store concept. I am also one of the 500 people who q like 2 -3 hours for free ice cream ~special for the opening.
I came at 10 am and my number is already 412!!
The cafe is located at Midvalley and same level with GSC 

 The number and q

Choices for customize Magnum

One thing is they don't let us know the menu earlier which might cause the delay...coz people need to think what they want for the ice cream. Since i go and look at the menu first,once I'm at the counter i just inform all 3 item i want for the toppings.

chilli flakes

cookies and pretzel
After the wait : i choose chocolate brownie flavor for my magnum , topping- SALT, pretzel and almond. Coating white choc, drizzle - milk choc
I already tried chilli flakes at Singapore it does not match with the ice cream sweetness...but for salt i think it match well ,,,it is delicious, u get this salty and sweet mix in your mouth...i like it

The store and other menu ( dine in )

Short video of the staff preparing my icecream

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