Thursday, 11 December 2014

2PM Cafe : The Street and The Street 2

 I was checking my twitter then "bam"  Jun. k post this photo...
2PM cafe what , where ???
As fast as lightning everyone  searching for
We also found out that  Got7 has promoting " The Street " beverage during their fansign the day before.
Jackson said it is JYP cafe lol...maybe everyone have share on this cafe.I found out from Jae they gonna open at 11 am.
I went there at 10am just because 2PM might be there ?? Since it is still early i snap a photo and went to JYPE for star gazing? kk. I went back to The Street at 10:30am
It is near JYPE building.
If u know how to go to JYPE, definitely u will see " The Street " it is opposite Hotel Prima and same block with Baskin Robbins.

Mark cf -photo credit to DoubleAction
 Few people already q ..since it same day with 2pm fm (either you are here or you went to 2pm fm venue to q for the goods) i also manage to chat with some fellow jhottest. It is so cold outside....the urge for hot drink
JWY ig
I ordered Caramel Latte which cost me  7000won 

There are a lot of choice and food variety . Kebab is in the menu (  which is quite rare for cafe) usually is is the same toast,waffle etc. The Street is a cosy cafe to meet with other hottest and they play u nice music.

salad, chicken wings, kebab

sadly it is not you oppa

 I also went back to " The Street " at night before i go back and ordered Hot Choco.
 While im still looking at the menu bunch of people come in , whicht is 15& 's Jimin, Ayeon and Bernard.
 Jypn support! they order takeaway.

Anyway this cafe is not launch yet, i foresee 2PM as barista during launch day...hmmm im far.
Anyway every1 come and visit " The Street " definitely the latest chic place to hangout (so bias) haha

free ad from Okcat kk

latest panel as at 7dec 2014

additional menu i tried on Jan 2014 beaver tail choco banana

The Street Itaewon ( visited September 2015)
This is their 2nd branch , the nearest subway will be Noksapyeong (exit2)

My sister help me to get the naver map coz im too lazy to type in hangul lol..


i knew who was standing here !!

tada its Jang Wooyoung! Photo from The Street Facebook

I just make a quick visit and order Ice caramel to is a bit small but for a cafe it s convenient.


  1. Just to add they also provide free wifi !!

  2. this [TIP] shud be edit in the post itself! kkk ok good tip, need to read ur post till the end to find it out! lol

  3. kak can you speak indonesia??? i wanna ask you something..