Friday, 12 December 2014

Got7 Comeback : MBC Music Core & Pop Up Store

I just want to share my experience attending to music show and Got7 prerecording.
One of the rules to enter prerecording is first you need to be a daum cafe member.
There are 3 priorities to enter the music show .
1st - Gold Igot7
2nd- Silver igot7
3rd - Level up member in daum cafe.Brown hair color

They will give you notice for q time and , the registration time. You need to bring items eg identify CD as in the notice ( which may vary from time to time)

q time to check for the item is 11:20-11:50
I dont screen cap the registration time but for this we need to register at 12amkst.*timing varies each time
You need to put this info during preregister
non silver: fullname /DOByymmdd/mp/daumusername
Silver : 
fullname /DOByymmdd/silvermembershipT0123456789/mp/daumusername

Staff will post up another notice for the successful application. It is in pdf . You will need to q according to this list.

Actually im in my flight , thank god Ani help me to register. I was no. 21 and 3rd priority ( i miss the dateline to register as silver) I dont have high hope as im a hottest silver and i dont get in during 2pm comeback. But yes i got precious Got7

MBC is located at  Digital Media City exit 9. 
It was snowing last 2 days ...

me n my got7 bag +heatpack in pocket
I met with Indonesian igot7 , Felisha. She accompany me through out the q.Terima Kasih
First i request the sticker book from the staff. Then  staff will do the CD verification. Staff will give Identify sticker on the cd and on  igot7 sticker card.

After that you need to q according to the number and the staff will the verify your name and dob from your passport. Since there are other igot7 not showing up, my number jump up from 21 to 13 !
You will get the sticker for the day


The staff will also collect any letter to the member. Oh i also met other fellow Malaysian..she study here in Seoul but i forgot to ask for her name.nice meeting you.
bag full of letter
In the studio -
The staff prepare the stage for got7 , after AOA prerec. All igot7 went ballistic when Got7 come in! They introduce themselves and start performing Stop,Stop It.  3 takes and in between of each takes all members will wave, reply heart to igot7. One thing i love is the fanchant ! I almost miss the hajima timing lol but it was fun. Once Junior start singing ,we will screaming like crazy , i mean for each member line. Oh  we also receive this banner .

On the same day Thai Igot7 also prepare a food support. Khobkhunka :) , Tq vee

You can still watch live show but since i dont check in yet ( i just arrive Seoul same day ) i need to go back to guesthouse.I thought yes im gonna apply inkigayo the next day too. But only 10person from 3rd priority got in the list....its ok atleast i got in for Mucore.

The performance :

GOT7 Pop Up Store
After check in i went to the PopUp store at Konkuk University . In Seoul it is call  "Geundae"
It is just a small section at Lotte Mall. The pop up store is until 7 dec so most of item eg
cushion , hoody sold out ! Only display left.

So what i got ? i got broke... loljk 
Mark earcap n keyholder is so cute.

Got7 goodjob !! Dont stop and keep on fighting !! You will get no. 1 noona will support you. Love you guys.

Update *** - JYP is not using daum anymore so u can reserve your spot for music show eg M-countdown , Music Core, Music Bank, Inkigayo, The Show at fans portal. It is same method as before only now the medium is fans portal, when they open the application (follow @Got7official twitter) , register your name and follow the timing for  they stated eg 9pm-10pm (priority to Gold, but no worries Silver and non official still have chance for prerecording) so 9pm on the dot must submit the name to get a good q number .
-After few hours - check fans notification again - The result will be out and you will know your Q number (come at the timing stated in the notice). Bring all the item needed in the notice eg-cd, silver card, melon proofshot.

** this method will be use for all JYP Nation artist as each of them have their own Fans portal ~2PM , Miss A , Ayeon , 15& ahh I cant wait for Wonder Girls . 

Finally Got 7 is back with Just Right - what a sweet message song  from JYP.
I like it so much ! Dont forget to check out Just Right MV . Too cute to be true.. i hope i can keep all mini got7 in my house.

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