Tuesday, 16 December 2014

2pm Fanmeeting 2014 & Chansung 5 Deoksuri event

I have this fangirl list and 1 thing that i have not done in the list  is attending fan meeting ! so crazy me succumb to the list and travel alone there.*bgm michingo aniya*
I bought the fanmeeting ticket first before i decide the flight ticket. I need to secure best seat first ,if i dont go to Seoul i can still get a refund. However all first floor seat already sold to Gold member ( 1st priority) so my best seat is still at 2nd floor.

They have 2 session this year : 4pm and 7:30 pm . I bought the night session first but then change to evening session .Lucky i did that coz the venue info at interpark state Subway Line 3 Gyeongbokgung station 3, they also state bus number. I though it is an option via bus or subway.I look at map and it seems i can just walk ? lol
But NOOO it is actually subway + bus. The Sang Myung University is located on hill some more.
I was reading the bus info at the bus stop in slow phase ( coz it is in hangul) n then i decide to confirm the bus number with girls next to me . I guess the girls saw 2pm photo in my phone and quickly said "Together" such a nice khottest. Kamsahamnida

After i collect my ticket, i quickly q for the goods. The Khun cushion sold out...its ok i can save money.(lol rationalising myself)

i did ask howbout display?, sorry we cant sell display kk
 I also manage to collect some fan good inclusive  nicekhun banner, Jwy "chwaego" stickers and card, I can collect more n maybe buy the cushion should i choose to come here than "The street " early morning that day . Lol i really have bad fan instinct (coz i thought oppa will come to The Street).  Maybe from now on i will just do a contrast of my 1st instinct.

not all is mine

Anyway "The Street" is also here. They offer Americano for 1000won only today.

Okcat !

The FanMeeting
the only photo i have coz no photo rules

The montage start with all of their real life highschool photo as their id . Besides name and blood type it also contain their twitter id. lol. The highschool name is : Michin Highscool
2PM enter with everyone  dressed in school uniform until JWY change it to coat. He is the teacher. Teacher Jang, jjang! kk . Everyone need to win mission and they will receive sticker if they win the mission. The most sticker collected will be the best student.

Highlights  :
1. Everyone is sneaking food into the class. Junho is the naughty one , he eat the nut out loud, purposely on the microphone  which irritates teacher Jang. The main supplier will be Khun and Chansung.
2, The smart student Taec, keep on asking question to the teacher.
3. At first they pick on Junkay school bag.lol coz his bag is not bagpack and power ranger
4.They have to pick  mission under this category mi/cin/go/a/ni/ya so Cs keep on "ya" ying at Teacher Jang,
5. Random dance play - my favourite. The first one out is Cs, The final 3 is Taec, Junho and Khun. Won by Khun.
6. They also need to write poem to hottest. The overall winner is Junkay  after tie with Junho and solve by rock paper scissors
7. Some of songs that they perform  :Awesome, Pull & Pull,All night long, She's Ma girl ..
 8.They also pass snack to the 1st floor audience. so the 2nd floor just watching in jealousy lol  but Chansung did make an effort to pass to us...however it still drop at 1st floor.

Overall this trip it is all worth it...i really need to go to toilet lol but i dont want to miss anything despite my limited hangul. 

Before i go back i just realize there is 2pm chrismas tree, but the staff already ask us to go out to giveaway for next session audience...i cant afford to buy another ticket plus , its gonna be a long q to wait for the bus...I also avoid reading any update of Session 2. coz i dont want to compare .Anyway Jype gonna make a dvd for this so it will be a combination of session 1 and 2.

Before i go back , of course i grab 1 Americano from "The Street"

Chansung 5 deoksori
With Ani help, i get the info on Chansung movie promotion which is at Megabox Dongdaemun. I bought the cinema tix for 10k Won..CS and other cast come after the movie end. Oh Khun also cameo in the movie !!

Chansung turn to talk :


  1. Hey there :) can i ask when u bought the fanmeet tickets, will we be assigned to random seats or we can choose? & the tix has to be delivered? Cannot be collected at venue?

    1. Hi , if you referring to 2pm fanmeet yes u can choose the seat. However since there is priority for Gold, Silver membership , you might only left will the seat leftover far behind. You need to show your reference number and id (passport) and collect at the venue. Here is the website if you want to go to the 6th fm on 8 Nov 2015 : http://ticket.interpark.com/Global/Play/Goods/GoodsInfo.asp?GoodsCode=15011990 have fun !