Thursday, 18 December 2014

Cafe Cafe and Cafe in Seoul

First i take a look at Natuur Pop, hongdae...but y there is no got7 as much as i like Hello Kitty but i like Got7 more... so i dont even step in...( fyi i should just double check lol coz altho they dont have got7 display at the store but my sis said they still have got7 + NP md)

I saw MilkCow - pass ! i can go to KL branch and finally i decide to go to Hollys. Hollys is one of product placment for I hear your voice ( Lee Jong Suk + Lee Bo Young)

They have Christmas special beverage - dark chocolate, green tea , red velvet. I chose Red Velvet. This is delicious !!

 next  i just walk towards Hongik Uni and search for coffee smith ( It's ok it's love  -Jo In Sung , Gong Hyo Jin )

I also found this store lol (belong to HyungDon  i guess?)

There are a lot of cafes here at Hongdae..u will have hard time to choose one.
other cafe that i visited in past at Hongdae will be CoffeePrince, Hello Kitty

Other cafes~
I also try Droptop cafe ( feat in Taec weekend drama Wonderful days )
This one is located at DMC

black sesame toast n hot choc

 Toms Toms
toms toms cheongdam (sorry whip cream cover the green tea latte lol)
The Street cheogdam* the next big thing haha ( so bias) ~

n the last cafe i need to go, before goin back  will always be Hello Kitty cafe at Incheon Airport

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