Thursday, 18 December 2014

Jonghyun Cnblue Seolbing Cafe ~Pinocchio Drama Location

Yeay i manage to come here. Jonghyun cafe !!
 It is full of boice gift and photo of the handsome and new instagram addict Lee Jonghyun heheh.
i notice Malaysia flag~ good job

you can see the Pinocchio drama poster at the counter
I went here on Monday 8/12...later i found out , they filmed the ep 10 (on  air  at sbs 10/12 scene here. The exact location. lol best buddy connection  i guess Woobin , LJS, Shin Hye...

choi dal po~

I sat at other direction ,so i dont have the exact angle of ljs position...huhu

the winter desser banner at the back of in ha appa
The cafe play cnblue song non stop .Good ! In Malaysia i already decide i must try again Seolbing cheese bingsu...but when im here again, its already winter and im having rational me, decide to  order soup and green tea.

i saw the pumpkin soup  n immediately i want to eat it lol

 btw this is the cheese bingsu i tasted last autumn ...yummy but  when u have cold n its negative temperature outside, no more desire  lol

cheese bingsu

From boices all over the world


Fancam lol (dont worry there are other customer at the left section of the cafe , this cafe have customer lol )
Overall it is a nice cafe and i enjoy listening to Cnblue songs !

How to get here :

Subway : Sillim exit 6

Go straight till u see Toms n Toms ( Seolbing is at 2nd floor)


  1. berapa celcius waktu zza p seoul ni...? berangan nak p seoul bln 12 next year..he..he.. saja tnya2 dulu...

    1. negetif 6 -9 rasanya . kalu hujung bulan dec nak ke Januari lagi sejuk

  2. is it halal?the bingsu??cuz i'm going to go there soon and i really wanna try bingu but i dont know is it halal or not?

    1. My judgement on ingredients of ice shave and other previous blogger experience is is cheese and ice