Thursday, 18 December 2014

SBS Building ~ Pinocchio & Running Man location

I came here on Monday , just because  Running Man is shoot on Monday and Tuesday . In case they have mission here again.  Ep : Park Shin Hye ,Woobin, Choi Jin Hyuk and ep with  Park Ji Sung.
For Kdrama - Msc station is SBS station ( they just replace the Sbs symbol )
They also put Pinocchio banner in front of the building .I saw Lee Jong Suk..... hiccup hiccup hiccup lol
no, no sign of drama shooting going on  ( i  will be in cloud 9 if Lee Jong Suk was there heheh)

I went to the lobby and order some hot choc from the cafe ( the one woobin and choi jin hyuk order for the mission lol ). I just stay there around 15 minutes. i can see cameraman or in their terms -VJ coming in and out.

the lobby ~ remember kwang soo having hard time pulling out the plunger?
N i just watch ep. 10 Pinocchio -  the conference is also here n the see through elevator...where ki jae myung follow choi in ha.
i dont take a lot of photo here coz everyone is busy and it seems im the only one tourist ?  i also read from other  blogger that she cant even enter the lobby...hmm so im not sure whether im lucky to get in coz after i sit at the cafe, there are security guard at every corner of exit and entrance as seem they miss to check on me....?? but nobody ask me to go out or something so i got to enjoy my hot choc peacefully.

Nearest station :
Omokgyo station Exit 2

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