Saturday, 17 October 2015

Songdo Park - Daehan Minguk Manse Favorite place :)

Anyone who watch Kbs, Superman's return will be familiar with the park. It is located in Incheon. Song Il Kook always bring the triples to the park.I plan to go there as soon as we reach Incheon Airport,we need to save time, rather go to Seoul then come back the next day to Incheon. We put our luggage at the storage store ( departure level) It cost us 4000 won per bag for 3 hours. I think 3 hours is enough and we dont want to drag our bag either.

How to go there ?
It depends on your budget and time. Subway will be cheaper but it takes a lot of time. Alternatively within 25 minutes travels, 7000 Won fare you can just ride KAL Limo Bus 6707B at level 1 incheon airport exit 4B to Orakai hotel. Orakai Hotel is located  opposite Songdo's Central Park.

1st we went to the Hanok Village...i thought it is same as the one in Bukchon. It is actually a hotel not other people actual house. Lol.
It is still interesting to see traditional architecture among modern building.

Interestingly the Song 's family use this background for their Chuseok greeting.
you can see the Songdo's blue building landmark at the background

After that we just take a walk through the bridge,there are books, exercise equipment provided in the park

u can jog, cycle or take water taxi here
the info is in English but i cant find any english book hehe . or maybe someone is reading it.
Early autumn view , go left to the deer park

Rabbit's island

pumpkin on my head ?? creative way to plant

Creative art while we strolling in the park: The tree of life - growing sculpture

Anyway in my heart of course im hoping to bum to the triplets ahahaha....but none. Anyway i couldn't imagine what will if i do if i meet they are such a cutie.  However Songdo Park is a worth is so beautiful.

We take the same bus back to Incheon Airport at the Orakai Hotel .

Here is the time you need to spend if you choose to go via subway: Incheon airport to Central Park


  1. Lol poor fangirl.
    I'm planning for a Korean trip and thinking of a visit to Songdo too.
    And I even consider the places that the triplets visited on show.
    I'm crazy, I know it. >.<

    1. Hahaha no you are not.songdo is beautiful, its worth a visit :)

    2. Can you share your itinerary?? Or the places they visited on the show?? Please and thank you!!

    3. Ahh i only went here, i dont go to any other places which triplets visited . My itinerary for Songdo :is the same day when i arrive in Incheon as i took airport bus to Songdo. The next day we just sightseeing to Myeongdong, Nami Island, Dongdaemun. Oh btw i forgot to mention in the blog another Songdo family, besides triplets will be Daebak and his noonas.

  2. Alright. Thank youuuuuu!!

  3. hello! Is this area near the dal.komm coffee shop featured in Descendants of the Sun? I wanted to visit these places in one day. :)

    1. Yes correct, i read that dots dalkom location is at songdo too.The place is beautiful. However I am watching Goblin now...hahaha i want to go to grim reaper dalkom...still unsure which branch it is.

    2. hello~just to let you know I went to Songdo last December and yes you can walk back to the dal.komm of DOTS. :) too bad I couldn't find any details for Goblin yet at that time. huhu

    3. Hi must be freezing in december...i read from other blog that dalkom in goblins is at bundang.however interestingly the hanok which the goblin couple visited is at songdo ! (As in this blog) hehehe.